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Welcome to duppydom where we share and learn lessons of life. duppydom is a place for you if you have valuable life lessons, stories or story based learning to teach. You are also at the right spot if you want to learn from others. Start learning and find the answer you seek, or become a teacher and share your first lessons learned in life or life lesson story here!


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“duppy” is a Jamaican slang word for ghost. duppydom is a platform to share your experience by telling stories, sharing stories and others learning from your lessons of life. Learning from others is a primary learning source and yet so many of our stories remain untold. Share your lessons in life and let the world learn from you!

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Legitimate or illegitimate, there is one fact.
Have you met you?.
Baking, Cooking, Staying Fit and Giving Back While in Isolation.
Being a Better Person to Others.
Impressing Others.

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Compassion is Next to Godliness

Compassion is such a powerful and healing force. One might even say that it is next to godliness because it makes no distinction or judgements about ethnicity, race, social class, age or gender; it accepts all. We all deserve some compassion, and we all need to practice showing it as well, because a ...

Why Do Caucasians Now Care More About BlackLivesMatter?

The year 2020 has been a tough year for a lot of people. This is due mostly to the effects of the deadly coronavirus, which have forced most governments to implement lockdowns and social distancing measures. Covid-19 has not only been a difficult health crisis, it has also been a hard-hitting econom ...

COVID-19: Surviving Your Quarantine While Trapped with an Abuser

The Coronavirus has been spreading across all regions of the globe like a wildfire; leaving a significant number of dead people behind, saturating health facilities, ravaging the economy and creating unique conditions to catalyze domestic abuse. Social distancing measures have been put in place in a ...