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Welcome to duppydom where we share and learn lessons of life. duppydom is a place for you if you have valuable life lessons, stories or story based learning to teach. You are also at the right spot if you want to learn from others. Start learning and find the answer you seek, or become a teacher and share your first life lesson stories here!

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The afterlife and the role of karma.
Activism-today’s story.
My TSA Nightmare In Broad Daylight.
Living the status quo.
Giving without pursuing behind.

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Telling Stories - The Evolution From Cave Walls to Multimedia Platforms

Have you ever heard the story of the wild pig and the sea cow? Once upon a time, there lived a wild pig and a sea cow who were best friends, and their favourite pastime was racing each other. One day, the sea cow injured his legs and was no longer able to run. The wild pig led him to the ocean, wher ...

Learning From Others - A Valuable Asset Everyone Should Enjoy

Life is a continuous learning experience. Throughout this journey called life, we make several mistakes, which hopefully we learn from. And although learni ...