About Us

Why the need for duppydom?

Every single one of us is an expert about our life, because we live our life. And along the way, we gain even more insight about life. One insight that most of us gain is that we are very ill prepared for life; there are many lessons that nobody teaches us (e.g., how to be a good friend, how to combat bullying, how to manage stress, or how to plan for the future). duppydom is a social media website that allows you to: (1) share your expertise on life; and (2) learn from other people's life lessons.

The word "duppydom".

"duppy" is a Caribbean slang for "ghost". "duppydom" is an extension of "duppy". We hope that the name "duppydom" is in line with the notion that in the world of social media, a website must have a name that is unique, interesting and memorable.

As you navigate the website, here are key concepts to keep in mind:

|duppy|, [noun] – a male or female ghost. The nickname for members who join duppydom.
|duppydom|, [noun] –a kingdom/community of duppies.
|duppydom|, [noun] - another name for "life lesson".
|duppydom|, [verb] – the act of searching for a "life lesson".
|iduppy!™ |, [noun] – your account. Your home in the duppydom.
|duppydomALERT™|, [noun] – a "help" message sent via e-mail to the duppydom.


The underlying logic of this website is storytorial. The word storytorial is the melding of the words "story-based tutorial" (story-based learning). Storytelling is a powerful teaching/learning tool that dates back to the early beginnings of humankind. And one could argue that we have moved towards visual experiences in learning and away from story-based learning.

duppydom seeks to encourage people to write stories of their impactful experiences, as lessons learned. Stories that reflect learning (rather than just a commentary) are much more powerful teaching tools. And individuals who learn from other people's life lessons, are much more likely to share these impactful experiences in their future conversations.

What we offer.

duppydom is a unique website, that offers the following features:

From the Home Page

  1. Members and non-members can search for a duppydom (What's your duppydom?) (e.g., "love").
    • When a duppydom is found, the duppydom can be printed, shared via e-mail and to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin and all of the other duppydoms created by that author can be accessed. Additionally, clicking on the author's picture will display their bio. Finally, the ratings and comments associated with that duppydom are displayed.
    • If a search has "no results", a duppydomALERT™ can be sent automatically to all members of the duppydom. Members can then log onto the site and share a duppydom about that topic or send the duppydomALERT™ to a family member or friend via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter – this will be a good way to increase "a sense of community".
  2. Members and non-members can view LIVE WIRE. duppydoms will continuously scroll through this area of the website. The duppydoms that are displayed here, will depend on the following criteria: recency, highest votes and most comments.
  3. Members and non-members can search or browse the duppydoms in the CELEBRITY CORNER (area containing duppydoms shared by the famous and infamous).The duppydoms displayed here, are still a part of the database of duppydoms and could be accessed when a search is done anywhere on the website.
  4. By clicking BROWSE BY CATEGORIES, members and non-members can view all of the categories that can be used in creating a new duppydom (e.g., "Catfishing", "Family" and "Divorce"). Scrolling down the list of categories gives access to the duppydoms that are associated with each category.
    • Members and non-members can also search for a duppydom here as well.
    • A duppydomALERT™ can also be sent from here as well.
    • Clicking an author's name while in BROWSE BY CATEGORIES, gives access to BROWSE BY MEMBERS. Here, you can search for a specific member or scroll down the list of members to access all of their duppydoms.

Once you become a duppy/member and have your own iduppy!™ account

  1. You will be able to signin and Share a duppydom.
  2. You will be able to manage your account [i.e., edit your profile, manage your duppydoms, manage your comments (the comments other members have posted on your duppydoms, or the comments you have posted on other members' duppydoms), manage the frequency of your duppydomALERT™ and manage your commentALERT (e-mail sent to you when a member makes a comment on one of your duppydoms].
  3. You will be able to post comments on other members' duppydoms.
  4. You will be able to vote on/rate other members' duppydoms.