The words Faith and Hope are words of positivity and optimism. In life, everyone needs to have a degree of Faith and Hope because it makes you anticipate the expectation of a better future. Having Faith and Hope does not mean you have run out of tangible options; it really means you assume a better outcome for whatever you are expecting to happen in a specific situation or in your life. This is one of the most valuable life lessons stories you will learn.

Is Faith the same as Hope?

Faith is absolute confidence in a person or thing or belief based on conviction rather than logic (e.g., belief in a Higher Power). On the other hand, Hope is an attitude of expectation of a desired outcome in the future (Blake, 2017).

As life progresses, you will have many opportunities, and it is only through having Faith in yourself and your God that you will achieve your goals. Sometimes, you will need Faith and Hope to get to your destination.

The sub and non-doxastic model describes Faith as a practical commitment to a relevant positively evaluated truth-claim, yet without belief that God exists. You might have many options, but it is only through Faith and Hope that they will be achievable.

Why Faith and Hope is Necessary

 1. To have an optimistic view of life:

Having Faith and Hope is like viewing life from an optimistic perspective. For example, believing you can do something even without having the means at the moment. Most people who have Faith in themselves are likely to succeed more than those who do not. This is because believing you can do something is the first step to achieving what you set out to achieve. You might have many options, but a lack of Faith might make you think the opposite.

2. Understanding life as our journey:

To fight the culture of cynicism, we have to find tangible Hope. Life could be viewed as cruel and unfair; but it is still our journey and there is no better way to live it, than to be Hopeful and have Faith in the changes we can bring. If we start to believe there are no solutions, then why would we look for any? Faith in a better future will give you an option of a fairer and more prosperous life.

3. To help ourselves out of bad situations:

Having many bad experiences might leave you Hopeless and very pessimistic about life. Having Faith and Hope that your life lesson stories will yield fruits in due time is very important. There is a lot of power in positive thinking. Believing that you are good enough and can achieve whatever you set your mind to is an excellent way to take yourself out of a situation. Mentally strong people have a high degree of willpower that originate from the Faith in themselves and their abilities and the Hope that they can overcome their challenges.

4. The fear of knowledge:

Faith and Hope are concepts of acute reality; this doesn’t mean you will force yourself to partake in events that are traumatizing or dangerous, but instead, you will not back away from them and face them head-on. Hope does not bring about action; action brings about Hope. If you can convince yourself that your tomorrow will be better than today, you need to start putting in the effort today to expect a better future and outcome for tomorrow. Hope is an expectation of the future; and Faith is the belief that the future will be great, so having Faith and Hope only widens your options and prepares you for new opportunities. Telling life lesson stories to others instills Hope for a better tomorrow.

“You may not always have a comfortable life, and you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once. But, don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have, because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and Hope can take on a life of its own” – Michelle Obama. You might not change the world, but your flame of Faith and Hope might make things brighter.

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