We are all unique beings. We all have a set of attributes and flaws that make us different from others. Embracing this truth is key to living a fulfilling life, because it will help to recalibrate our internal compasses toward our unique paths. The time has come for you to embrace your uniqueness and walk your own path.

Why You Should Embrace Your Uniqueness

1. It is your natural state of being.
2. Embracing your uniqueness allows you to be true to yourself.
3. Embracing your uniqueness will allow you to attract people who will value you for who you truly are.
4. It will improve your self-esteem and self-efficacy.
5. It allows you to stand above the competition.
6. You can introduce learners to your unique ideas and perspectives through your story-based learning approach.
7. Uniqueness is valuable.

How to Brand Your Uniqueness

  1. Determine what makes you unique

Your journey toward embracing your uniqueness starts by figuring out what makes you unique. At the start, this could be a difficult task especially if you have gotten used to moulding yourself to look like other people. Take some time to engage yourself in deep introspection to outline some of the things that make you different from others. What are your unique skills, attributes, values, and ideas? It might sound surprising, but this list should also include your flaws and imperfections. Put pen to paper and write them down. It is the aggregation of these traits that makes you unique.

  1. Let go of people’s expectations and values

Once you begin the process of determining the things that make you unique, your own path will become clearer. And you might end up realizing that you have been on someone else’s path and living their expectations. This process is very important because as we grow older, we subconsciously internalize the desires and expectations of the people around us. This gets buried in our psyches as the years go by, directing our internal compasses towards other people’s paths. As you start letting go of those invisible scripts written by others; your internal compass will start redirecting you toward your own unique path. And help you to forge a unique story-based learning approach that other people can learn from.

  1. Don’t be a people-pleaser

This is easier said than done, but branding your own uniqueness also means you need to let go of the idea that you can please everyone. Why is this so difficult? This is a challenge because we are social beings and this innate desire to belong to a tribe often pushes us to worry incessantly about what people think about us. This makes us begin the destructive cycle of moulding ourselves in a way that will please everyone around us. The reality is that this is an impossible task, and that’s one of the reasons you need to stop being a people-pleaser. Try to find the strength to overcome your fear of rejection. And when you do, you will find that you will attract other people who will support your vision of embracing your uniqueness.

  1. Compare the right way

One of the most challenging obstacles you will find during your embracement of your uniqueness, is your propensity to compare yourself with other people. You have probably heard that you should stop comparing yourself to other people numerous times, but that has not stopped you from doing so. Sadly, social media has created a multiplier effect on this unhealthy habit. From the moment you pick up your phone or browse through your laptop in the morning, you are bombarded with ads and pictures of people having everything you lack. Adopting this habit is one of the fastest ways of abandoning your unique path. So, what’s the alternative? It would be much healthier if you only compared yourself to yourself. Each day try to do something that will push you to become better than who you were the previous day.

The world needs you just the way you are. Stand tall and brand your uniqueness to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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