In a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus; many countries have closed their educational institutions, leaving parents with no choice but to do their own jobs while responding to their children’s learning needs. While it might be more tempting for you to focus on the negative impact of this crisis, teaching those little ones valuable skills and lessons, is a far more productive way to occupy the unlimited amount of time they seem to be having at the moment. That said; besides their lesson plans, what can you teach your kids during this COVID-19 era?

  1. Being aware of germs

Most people will agree that they have never washed their hands as much as they have in 2020. While this was done mainly to prevent getting the coronavirus, it is important to know that good hygiene also helps prevent the transmission of other germs. This is probably the best time to teach your children the importance of maintaining good hygiene. But, how do you go about teaching them that taking certain precautions such as washing their hands will help keep them safe from things they can’t see? Story-based learning provides us with a fun and educational means to teach our children about the very real effects of germs. Telling them stories that make germs the villains is a great way for them to visualize and be aware of them. Once your kids become more aware of the existence of germs, it becomes easier for them to incorporate hygienic practices such as washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and covering their mouths while coughing.

  1. Teach them how to adapt to change

The current pandemic has certainly affected everyone, including our little ones. Most children have not been able to go to school or play with their friends due to the social distancing guidelines. This has surely been a source of frustration for them. Because we are trying to navigate through these turbulent times and adapt to the new normal, it is important for us to use this as an opportunity to teach our children how to adapt to change. Teach them that life is not always going to be the way they expect or want it to be. This logic might be difficult for them to understand at first. But, teaching them the importance of switching their focus to the positive impacts of change and looking for creative ways to adapt, will be a game-changer in their lives going forward.

  1. Teach them gratitude

Another important lesson we can teach our kids during this COVID-19 era is gratitude. Practicing gratitude is not always a natural habit, it must be taught and nurtured from a young age. It is sometimes easy for us to take things for granted when they are constantly available to us. The coronavirus has deprived our children of some of the things and activities they were used to. So, it is important for us to help them turn their focus on the things available to them now and teach them to be grateful for them.

  1. Help them improve digital skills

The shift towards the digital world has been accelerated by COVID-19. With social distancing measures put in place in various parts of the world, most people have been forced to work, shop and school from home. This also means that children are spending more time on their electronic gadgets. Most schools have also shut their doors and embraced online learning. So, why not use it as an opportunity to improve their digital skills and prepare them to be ready for tomorrow’s technology-oriented workforce?

While this crisis has generated a lot of fear and uncertainty about tomorrow. We could still make the conscious decision to focus more on the opportunities it has exposed us. Most notably, being able to spend more time with our families and being able to teach our children some important life lessons.

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