Site Etiquette

The duppydom Etiquette Guide

We created this page to remind our members and guests that etiquette online is just as important as etiquette out in the real world. Negativity, trolling, stalking, arguing, and rude comments have affected all of us who are regularly on social media. Please read through this page and remember that kindness and sensitivity will get you much farther than creating conflict.

Think of what follows as informal guidelines that all duppies should strive toward. Happy Sharing and Learning!!:

  • Respect all humans. For the most part, all of us on the planet are striving toward the same goals. Just because someone’s approach/experience is different, does not mean she/he should not be valued.
  • One of the purposes of duppydom is to share wisdom and create a positive vibe. Please try to refrain from posting offensive material.
  • Your duppydoms should be specific and well thought out. Avoid thoughts and feelings that are too vague or broad in nature. Remember that you are writing for your fellow duppies and guests, not just for yourself.
  • Another purpose of duppydom is to encourage learning from others. duppydoms that reflect learning (rather than just a commentary) are much more powerful teaching tools.
  • There is a difference between posting impactful life lessons and venting. duppydom is not an emotional dumping ground. Ranting about what just happened to you is not an effective way to share an experience.
  • Is your duppydom or comment appropriate for a general audience? Even though duppydom wants you to share experiences that affected you in a meaningful way, remember, “you should take some secrets to the grave”. Some comments may incriminate you. Please think before posting.
  • Do not post anyone’s personal (identifiable) information in a duppydom or comment. Examples of personal (identifiable) information include the person's name, address, place of work, a picture of their driver's license and a link to their social media account (e.g., Facebook). duppydoms or comments that contain personal information will be promptly deleted and the author of such material could have their iduppy! ™ account deleted. If you see personal information displayed in a duppydom or comment, please contact the duppydomTEAM immediately (
  • People are naturally drawn to quality writing. Please take a little extra time to be creative and use proper structure and organization in your writing. Make it interesting. Add flow and direction to your duppydoms.
  • Using proper grammar and proper spelling will make your duppydoms and comments more readable; and will give more credibility to the author.
  • Always proof-read your duppydom or comment for errors before uploading it.
  • Be careful with your use of acronyms or abbreviations that are commonly used on other social media sites. Some of your readers may have no idea what 'TTFN'or 'AMA' stands for.
  • Trolling, hateful comments or responses, and harsh criticism will not be tolerated on this site. It is possible to disagree or have questions about a duppydom or comment without using hateful, racist or sexist language. Be considerate!! Be kind!! Play nice!!
  • Keep in mind that the comment you make on a duppydom shows up in the author's iduppy! ™ account. The author of the duppydom can delete your comment, if he/she finds it rude or offensive. Again, play nice!!
  • Do not post comments simply based on the title of the duppydom. Please read the duppydom in its entirety before posting a comment.
  • duppydom encourages you to vote for and add comments to the duppydoms that you read. The duppydoms that appear in LIVE WIRE depend on three criteria: recency, highest votes and most comments. If you read a duppydom that you think is “totally awesome" – vote for it and leave comments, so that it gets to the LIVE WIRE and more people can read it. In addition, you can scroll to the bottom of the duppydom and share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin. This is a good way to send a positive vibe to the author of the duppydom.