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Amara Kone


4 Reasons Why Money Is Not Everything

Posted On:13-Aug-2020/11:19 pm

Money is something that everyone on earth wishes to have, so they wake up everyday and strive to get it. Everybody wants money because of the relative comfort it brings. Lack of money can cause different problems in an individual’s life or even ruin the relationship they have with others. That is why so much importance is placed on money. Furthermore, lack of money can also lead to excessive thinking, inability to sleep and restlessness which can be detrimental to the health. Therefore, it’s really important for one to always have some money at their disposal.

Due to its problem-solving capacity, a lot of people think that money is the panacea to their problems, including unhappiness. But is money the solution to everything? Can it bring true happiness to an individual’s life? The answer is no. You may not agree with this line of thought now, however, after reading the paragraphs below, you might consider having a change of heart. Here are 4 reasons why money is not everything.

1) Money Does Not Solve Your Real Problems

It’s true that money can be a useful tool, one which helps you buy necessities and even your wants, however, it can never be the remedy to your real problems. Think about this: There are so many people who don’t have a lot of money, yet they are living happily and there are people who have millions in their bank account, yet their lives are miserable. Poor people who are happy have learned what rich miserable people have not learned - what makes people really happy are companionship, love, helping others, friendships, a good day’s work, and other things, but not money. While money can buy you a house, wonderful clothes, luxurious cars and even a bit of security, it can neither fix the issue of loneliness nor restore a broken relationship.

2) Wealthy People Aren't Always The Happiest

It’s cliché to hear people say “I’d rather be sad in a private jet than in a local bus filled with hundreds of commuters.” While that sounds kind of reasonable, you only need to take one glance at the tabloid news to see that the lives of wealthy people are far from rosy.

With lots of high-profile divorces, child custody cases and even dependency issues, it becomes obvious that money doesn’t really guarantee happiness in life. Don't tie your happiness to material things or you may never truly be happy. The kind of happiness that money brings is only fleeting.

3) You Can’t Take It With You When You Die

While money is quite essential for living, you can’t take any of it when you die – you leave everything behind – even though there are examples of some dead people who have tried taking their money with them. That is why people hardly think of their wealth and possessions in their dying days, rather, they focus on what matters most – sharing their final moments with family, children, colleagues and friends. Even though they can pass on their wealth to their family, the love they get (from family and friends) in those final moments is invaluable.

4) Money Does Not Guarantee Good Health

The amount of money you have does not determine how healthy you'll be. Even though money can get you good food, a fitness trainer and even good medical care, it can’t make you resistant to diseases. Every year, millionaires and billionaires die. Some of them tried using their money to prolong their life, but they still died. Additionally, some ailments have no cure and money can’t help you in situations like that. All you have to do is think about the coronavirus. Across the world, so far, hundreds of thousands of people have died. There is no cure and regardless of how much money you have in the bank, it cannot help you if you contract the virus.


1 : A lot of people think money will cure all that ails them.

2 : Money can help but has many limits.

3 : “Money is good. Love is wealth.” Seek love.

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Amie Warwick


One point about money not being everything - Money can ruin a marriage, but all the money in the world will not fix a marriage.

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S. Jakes


Amara, my first argument would be if you don’t have money in the first place, it cannot be everything :-) All kidding aside, I do get your point. I agree with Adaego and Lisa, if you did not believe this before, COVID-19 is driving the point home. I mentioned before that I am quarantining with my boyfriend and my parents. If any of them got the virus, I would give every penny I have, plus my right arm for them to get better.

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Lisa Steffler


I do not think your sole goal in life should be to make money--if it is, you will soon find out that money is not everything. I mentioned before that my husband lost his job during the quarantine. His salary helps the family without a doubt, but all you have to do is watch the news about those who are dying from the virus, and you will soon realize that there are more important things than his job. God bless, Amara.

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Adaego M. Azi


Amara, I think the quarantine is really making your point for you. Now that we are have been quarantining for months, a lot of people are running short on money. But, they still realize that although money helps with certain things, there are a lot of things more important—like the health and safety of our family. Thank you, Amara.

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D. C. Lawrence


Amara, I agree, most people think money is a panacea. But, those in the know, know that it is not. Money in hand can help you pay your bills and a lot of money in the bank can give you financial security. If you always need money in hand, it probably signals a bigger problem--job/pay insecurity. Financial security does not guarantee any other security.