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Amara Kone


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Stop Learning

Posted On:05-Jun-2020/6:11 pm

Learning is a continuous process because life never stops teaching us new lessons. No matter the career path you choose in life, if you must stay relevant, motivated, and ambitious, you need to commit yourself to getting more education everyday. The term ‘education' used here doesn’t necessarily refer to formal education, rather it describes the act of learning from the people around you, the social media platforms you use, the events you attend, and the whole world at large.

Now that we are quarantining, we definitely have the time to learn new things and broaden our horizons. At some point, this self-isolation must end, and our new learning will definitely benefit us in the long run. Once we reach adulthood, a lot of us adopt the beliefs that learning is not fun and learning is for children. These beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth. When we learn something new (particularly if it took us some time to figure it out); the feeling can be exhilarating, even if we are adults. Continuous learning should be something all of us believe in and participate in – in our own way.

Learning never ends; inasmuch as you’re alive, there’s still a thing or two to learn from someone close to you or even an unlikely source. Here are 5 reasons why you should never stop learning:

1) To Stay Innovative

Learning breeds innovation. You can’t create new ideas if you keep holding on to outdated information or attitudes. If you want to get inspired, you must find a way to learn something new each day. You can achieve this by reading lots of books, listening to successful people speak, attending seminars, staying updated with the latest trends, etc. When you do all these things, you gradually expose yourself to new ideas and information that will help you innovate (i.e., innovation of the mind). Learning is the key to innovation.

2) So You Can Be Able To Hold Intelligent Conversations

If you want to be an interesting person, you need to develop interest in different topics and ideas. As you learn more, it’ll become easier for you to hold intelligent conversations and discuss a variety of topics with other people. Furthermore, aside from being able to hold conversations, you’ll also be able to connect easily with people from different spheres of life and people with different ideologies. This helps to increase your network.

3) Learning Helps You Eliminate Boredom

Boredom comes when nothing excites you anymore. If you’re not discovering new things everyday, you’ll most likely get bored and remain unproductive. However, if you keep exposing yourself to new information on a daily basis, you’ll be fascinated at the things you discover, and that excitement will make you productive once more.

4) To Improve Your Health

People who are dedicated to learning everyday have a high tendency of living longer. Learning benefits your health in so many ways, even much more than you can imagine. Here’s an example: While brain usage does not necessarily prevent Alzheimer’s, its symptoms can be significantly reduced by constantly learning. This improves the quality of life. Also, many research studies have shown that learning how to play a musical instrument, can help to improve the memory of an individual. These and a host of other examples show us that learning new things can be beneficial to our overall well-being.

5) Helps To Reignite Your Passion

No matter how much you love your job or what you do, there are times when you’ll feel like they’re too tedious. This is because humans get bored easily when things become a routine. The only way to reignite your passion for your career, business, or hobbies, is by constantly learning new things about them. Learn new processes or trends related to your career or business, from people who are doing great in the same field. That way, you’ll discover so many things you didn’t know before and you’ll feel the passion burning in you again.


1 : Learning is a continuous process because life is a continuous process.

2 : We should get rid of faulty beliefs about learning – e.g., it’s for kids.

3 : There are a host of reasons why we should never stop learning.

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Bruce Peters


I agree that learning breeds innovation. In the business world this is what separates the ones who are at the top of their business or career. A lot of people end their learning as soon as they graduate from college. When we hire young people at our company, we always look at how much they have learned since school and their interest in learning about our company and the job.

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D. C. Lawrence


Amara, I am a firm believer in life-long learning, so I will always find these types of duppydoms interesting. I like your distinction between formal and informal education--informal learning is what makes it life-long--meaning that after school ends, we continue our quest to learn; and some would argue that this is when the education truly begins. I like the idea that one benefit of life-long learning is the re-ignition of our passion. By definition, passion is life-long, so it goes hand-in-hand with life-long learning. Good read, Amara.

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S. Jakes


Amara, I love this duppydom. If I am thinking about my job and why I should not stop learning, two of your tips are most relevant: to stay innovative and to reignite passion. Nowadays, teachers have to be on top of all the new teaching methodologies and the delivery methods. I assume while I am staying innovative it is also increasing my passion for teaching--although I do not really need anything to give me more passion for teaching.

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Adaego M. Azi


Amara, learning is a continuous process because life never stops teaching us new lessons, makes a lot of sense to me. I am always learning at my job, which gives me more passion at work. This is one of the mains reasons, I love my job. I have never heard that learning can improve your health. This is good but seems kind of odd. Thanks Amara.