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A Different Perpective On Success

Posted On:02-Jul-2019/11:42 pm

Growing up in a low-income middle-class family taught me so many lessons about success; both the right and wrong ones. As a kid, success meant acquiring so much wealth and changing the status of my family for good. I couldn't wait to become an adult. However, as I grew up, I realized that becoming successful requires more than just fantasizing about the good things of life; it is a conscious process that requires a lot of effort.

Success is something every human on the face of the earth tries to achieve. Some achieve it in their lifetime while others do not. In my pursuit of success, life has taught me so many important lessons that I'd love to share with you.

Never Let Others Define Success For You: Success is relative. What one person defines as success might not be seen as a success by another person. For instance, to a footballer, success is winning trophies and medals but this is not the same for an accountant in the office working 9-5 just to get a promotion. We are all different people with unique talents, abilities, and values. So, success should be what you define it to be. If you are improving your life every day, working towards your goals and trying to achieve your dreams, then you are getting towards your own definition of success in life.

Failure Is Part Of The Process: Failure is something nobody wants to experience at all. In fact, most people will do virtually anything it takes – including the wrong things – to avoid failure; that's how much nobody wants it. However, in my pursuit of success, I've discovered that the failure we so much abhor, plays an important role in our journey to success. When we fail, we are dejected and feel sad about ourselves. But in that state of misery, lies an opportunity to start over again; this time with more experience and a firmer resolve to become better. I remember failing two subjects during my first year in college. I was really downcast. Not just because I failed, but because the subjects I failed were the ones I wasn't very good at. However, certain thoughts flashed through my mind as I went about moody. "Why don't you even like these subjects? How about you give them more attention and try again?", I thought to myself. Eventually, I listened to my inner voice and decided to try again with a firmer resolve to pass those two subjects. I planned properly and gave more time to the subjects, did a lot of research and went the extra mile. By the time the results were out, I passed both subjects excellently. Failure had given me a chance to succeed.

Your Success Lies In The Things You're Passionate About: A lot of people go through life seeking for success in places they can never find it. This can lead to frustration and a feeling of dissatisfaction. It is very difficult to find success in the things you're not passionate about because those things do not resonate with your inner being. You might be skilled or well-trained in doing those things but if you don't get true happiness from doing them, then you may never see yourself as successful. In life, when we do the things we are passionate about, there is this rush of inner joy within us. It is this inner joy that turns to happiness and the eventual feeling of success.

Be Consistent: Consistency should be your watchword if you truly crave for success in life. As humans, it is in our nature to give up when we have tried a couple of times and it doesn't seem to be working. I remember applying for college and getting rejected three times in a row. Back then, I almost gave up because most of my peers were already getting set to graduate while I was still seeking admission. It was really difficult for me but I didn't quit. I tried once more and the rest they say is history. I have become the person I am today because of my decision to be consistent even when life didn't make sense. That experience taught me that life rewards those who don't quit. You cannot become successful if you are not consistent with trying to improve your life, achieving your goals and chasing your dreams. Life will give you thousands of good reasons to quit, but if you truly desire success you'll keep pushing no matter how hard it gets.

Add Value To People And You'll Attract Success: The greatest investment you can ever make in life is investing in people. When you make it your duty to always add value to almost everyone who comes in contact with you, you'll achieve success in no time. It is a simple principle to success; a principle which some of the biggest organizations around the world were built on. Let me explain. For example, Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. They make gadgets which they give to the public in exchange for money. But is that all they are doing? No, they are not just selling gadgets. They are adding value to the life of each and every consumer who makes use of their products, thereby attracting success to themselves.

Success Is Not A Destination: Some people have the wrong orientation about success. To them, success is getting to a particular stage in life where you'll have everything you want with nothing to worry about. Having such a mindset will only keep you unhappy as you go through life because you'll see success as a destination you're struggling so hard to get to. Success is not far from us: we can find success in those little wins we get every day. Remember to always celebrate those little wins because they are the building blocks to the bigger success you seek.


1 : Never Let Others Define Success For You

2 : Failure Is Part Of The Process

3 : Success Is Not A Destination

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Never Let Others Define Success For You: I am trying my best to work at this. I used to be a cake decorator and everyone told me that I should be happy doing that, but I was not. Now I just finished school and got a job in pharmacy, I am soooooo happy. I am so proud of myself. Cool post nadine.