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Charity; A True Source Of Happiness

Posted On:25-Oct-2018/5:52 am

Charity is when you extend love and kindness to other people without any conditions, it is a selfless act coming from the heart which is done without expecting anything in return. This is an act which is carried out without expecting any rewards from anyone. Charity starts with the urge to show compassion to someone be it knowingly or unknowingly. It starts when you realize that everyone has problems or a reason to grieve but you decide to downplay your own problems so as to extend a hand and show compassion to others, putting aside your own pains and to relieve the pain of others.

Compassion towards the needy is an important virtue for every human being and its something that needs to be thought to our children and passed on from generation to generation. Charitable acts are helpful to the recipients but it also makes the donors feel really good. There are so many people out there who are suffering and who need help. When you put on your TV every day and listen to the news, you will hear about some natural disaster somewhere, a terrorist attack which killed lots of people and destroyed homes or wars which have destroyed so many countries. If you are reading this it means you are probably more fortunate than those kids in war-torn countries who have lost everything, who don't even have clean water to drink or food to eat, all those people who are still dying from malaria, cholera etc. because they don't have the means to treat themselves. There are so many people out there who need help, sometimes we tend to think too far when it comes to helping the needy, but if you open your eyes you will realize that there are people around you who need your help. They need your help, they need my help, they need our help!

Giving to someone in need will help that person and will go a long way to put a smile his/her face. But it is not just about the recipient, you are also going to feel happier when you help people. Knowing that you have helped someone out and contributed to the person's smile will be an incredible source of joy and fulfilment- so maybe there is truly "more joy in giving than in receiving". According to research, there is a link between giving to a charity and an increased activity in the part of the brain in charge of pleasure. It provides similar effects of happiness seen in people when they eat, when they hug, when they exercise etc. So the next time you are sad or you are having a bad day, think about helping someone out or giving some money to a charity.

A few years back, I decided to visit an orphanage with a group of friends. We did not have much to give, but the joy we saw on those kids was priceless. It is an experience I have never forgotten since then and one which has pushed me to keep giving. When it comes to helping the needy, nothing is small, you can make a difference in someone’s life.


1 : Helping the needy is a true source of joy.

2 : When it comes to giving, nothing is small.

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The key point am going with is "nothing is small when trying to help the needy,"