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Amelia Roosevelt


Con Men And Conscious Women

Posted On:28-Jul-2021/8:22 am

That was something unexpected.

A call came. “Is Neville home?” Since my husband was not at home, I told the caller to contact his mobile and was going to hang up. “It is Sam here. I think you know. I have visited your home too. Can you remember? Will Neville be late? Has he gone far?”

With those, he told me that he wanted to tell me about something. Yes! Something secret, even my children should not know.

Letting my heart miss a beat I listened to his kind of whisper. “Haven’t you notice any difference in your husband recently?” A difference? I was a kind of feeling funny. Was there any difference in my husband? Hmmm, kind of Yes. He has gone fat during the lock-down days, was in his bed the whole time and was trying his best to stay away from work. What else? I didn’t go further, because there was no such difference as he indicated. Without saying so, I asked him to tell me what he wanted to inform because my husband was coming back. At once, he disconnected. 

Who was that man, came out of the blue? I was not a good people person and mostly confined to my own world at home. Now I wonder, what kind of good impression had he developed on a hidden soul like me, to tell such a thing, acting my precious guardian angel? (Believe me, those were the real thoughts that came up in my mind, instead of doubting my husband)

After a session of cautious observations and having been satisfied with my husband's behaviour, the next day, I told him about the accusation. At first, he was dumbfounded. When he saw I was not serious about it relaxed a little.   

So, we let it go. That person called me twice after that but found it hard to convince me, gave up. (Actually, I was thinking what kind of connection could he be having to bother himself that much, spending his money and time and risking his good name?)

Later we found it was a hoax. It was some crazy person calling around ruining families. 

I have never thought about sharing this experience, but after reading Nadine Wu’s “over-analyzing” I thought that incident was some example of how people use our overanalyzing mindsets to ruin our lives.

We should be aware of such pitfalls we have in our characters.

It could have been worse if I were a person who overthinks. For some blessing, I had more than enough experience at my office to have an intuition to believe someone’s word or not.

This world is a weird place. A single weakness of yours could become handy in some enemy’s hand. It is better to know about ourselves, our weaknesses to handle situations carefully. Then only you can enjoy the “survival of the fittest”, being fit to tackle fatal blows from predators.

Let us be conscious men and women!


1 : Learn to control your emotions, it brings happiness

2 : Emotions are openings to your inner self. Be careful to whom you open your emotions.

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Bruce Peters


Amelia, thank you. Who knows, maybe one day my girlfriend and I will get married. This time I hope to do it right.

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Adaego M. Azi


Amelia—I am surprised you did not hang up the second time he called. Prank calls like this really irritate me. These kinds of phone calls can ruin a marriage, because a lot of us have pitfalls in our character. You have good character. Thank you, Amelia.

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Amie Warwick


Amelia--kudos for being secure in your marriage. I would be the same about my husband. There are some things that I overanalyze--mostly because I am uncertain. But, not with my husband. For sure, you are right--if I can control my emotions, I will be much happier and will do less overanalyzing.

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S. Jakes


What is it with people, always trying to scam other people. You are a better person that me because if someone told me that about my boyfriend, I would lose it. I would seriously overanalyze the situation. I would probably get so worked up; I would have to eventually call him out on it. These are the times when you feel like a real idiot when you find out the truth.

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Amelia Roosevelt


Bruce Peters, I pray for you to have a happy married life. Keep the trust because that is really worth it. Life is too short to untangle complexities created by us.

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Bruce Peters


Amelia, if I read this a few years ago I would have asked for your advice. It was lack of trust and accusations of infidelity, first on my part then on hers, that lead to the breakup of my marriage. There was nothing on my part, but I was not sure about her, so the marriage ended. Sometimes there is no need to overanalyze, sometimes you know the person.