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Amelia Roosevelt


Have You Met You?

Posted On:25-Jul-2020/11:16 pm

“This is ridiculous!”

“How could she say I was rude to her? I was just explaining her the right way to fill that form. It was just like the other day. That person at the counter said I have shouted at him. But, I raised my voice just for him to hear it clearly. I was not rude. I am so friendly with people, they come and talk to me even when they saw me on the street.”

That was my friend. Her wailing over a customer complaint.

(According to her) Her husband was not listening to her grievances. Children don't care for her advice. She was not appreciated by the boss. How could people mistreat her like that? She knows she is a kind-hearted, hard-working, caring person. Why can't they see that?

We see ourselves as glorious, outstanding, awesome, aren’t we? How lucky those flawed people are to meet someone like us!

Give me a second!

To give that judgment, how many times have you got a chance to meet that wonderful soul in you?

And, is that soul truly wonderful?

Ever thought to step back and audit the one inside you? The one, hidden behind all the glossy traits, tough personalities and solid attitudes we applied on us. Have we ever given a chance to our true selves to come out? That true self we know actually lives inside us.

We feed our souls day and night, act our roles this and that and impress others with our best twists and turns. We play all those to the tune of the time, space and the others. Most of the time, the one inside us, is pushed aside. Then how could we expect the others to capture our true self? 

Not hilarious, it is pathetic, isn’t it?

At the end of the day, are we happy with all that followed? If we are happy, why do we feel so tired, beaten and exhausted? Does a happy life so tiresome? If you tapped into your inner voice, would it say, “You felt yourself” during all that time? Were you able to act as you, at any of those times? Were we mean, ruthless, arrogant or submissive? Was that the way we wanted to behave? Was that the way we want them to see us?

Isn’t there any possibility to act your true self? Will you be able to do more as “you” tomorrow, without harming you or the others?

I think it is a good thing to recall what we have been, at the end of the day – to meet yourself. That will give ourselves a chance to understand who we were, the forces behind us and why we acted differently. That is giving yourself a chance to meet YOU.

When you met you, you get to understand your habits, fears, self-doubts, insecurities, abilities and your resources. You will realize what you have and have not. You will know how to survive with what you have.

You will understand what makes you happy. You don’t have to argue with yourself, whether what you are going to do is correct. You will know, why you do what you do and how it brings benefits. At the end of the meeting, you will understand, whether you are going in the direction you want to go.

You will develop your ability to say “No” despite pressure from all the others. You could develop your ability to justify things. You will be able to make better decisions on what you want to do. 

It will be amazing to say “No” to your bad habits.

With the understanding about ourselves, we gain the ability to see the other with more tolerance. We too are flawed - then there’s nothing to be arrogant. Most of all, we develop our self-esteem. We are no more bothered about the other's success, because we know they too feel insecure. They will have their own flaws to bother. There is no need to be desperate “to be the other.”

Knowing you will avoid your life being drifted away. You will be the captain of the journey with all the knowledge about winds. Then it will become YOUR LIFE, not someone else’s tool.

Yes, meeting ourselves will be scary. There could be heaps and heaps of dirt. I tell you, knowing that has its own benefits. Only we could clean the dirt. Only we are there to polish ourselves. That will bring out that shining self of ours.

We could quite agree with Socrates; “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” That wisdom will dignify you.

You could try it.

Hail thyself (in a holy way)!



1 : Knowing yourself is knowing your make

2 : The best tool in hand is yourself, know it thoroughly, to use it effectively

3 : To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom

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Amara Kone


Amelia, I like the idea that we come home exhausted, tired and beaten down because we are hiding our true self. I get this image of this burden that we are pulling and carrying around with us. I assume we can also think of this burden we carry as another bad habit we should say no to. This duppydom is good food for thought.

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Adaego M. Azi


Amelia, your duppdom is making me wonder if I know me. If I had to guess I would say yes, because I am with myself all the time, but as you said, most of the time we push aside our true self. I was just thinking--if you did not know someone, and you asked them to describe themself, which self would they use for the description? Amelia, I like this duppydom, it really makes you think about yourself :)

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Bruce Peters


This is quite a thought. I disagree with D.C. on this. When we do not know thyself, we are living a lie. In the business world, I constantly put on a front when I meet people and I know that. If you do not make an effort to constantly meet and reintroduce yourself to yourself, you will soon forget who you really are.

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D. C. Lawrence


Interesting ideas. If we constantly hide our true self behind the glossy traits, tough personalities and solid attitudes that we apply to ourselves, then will that not become our true self? If when behind closed doors we reveal our true self to ourselves, but then the next time we interact with the world, we put on our mask, then the mask becomes our true self. Why? Because only we would know the other self. I agree that knowing YOU would probably make you happier and more understanding of others, but you are probably wearing a mask because you realize that persona is needed to make you more successful at work, in your relationships, etc. Socrates (and you Amelia) are correct—the problem is that all humans wear masks for most of their lives, because they serve us well. Nice read, as always.