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Amelia Roosevelt


How Did You Do That?

Posted On:04-Dec-2020/9:51 pm

"Oh! No. It's him." The down curve of my mouth was inevitable.

Today I am unable to hide my smile, whenever those memories flood back.

For me, running into him anywhere was a nightmare.

A whole lot shy, he will shake his curly locks and will try to bring back something funny happened in the past, to spark a conversation. Sometimes things I don't want to share with others. That is when I get furious.

So, I hated to meet him when I am with someone else, especially, when I am with my husband. (It will be absolutely risky!)

He was my workmate – sitting next to me. (Actually, our tables were placed facing each other). He was new. He was not known to me before. For a considerable time, I didn't know when he came or left the office.

So, in simple terms, he was nothing to me.

One day, I was leaving the office, struggling at the door, as usual, to reach the door handle, with my handbag in one hand and a bag of goods in the other. Suddenly the door went open. I turned to see what happened. There he was right behind me, his hand on the door handle letting me proceed on. It was an absolute surprise, never received from the other work guys. That was the first time I started to give attention to the man sitting opposite my work desk.

To my surprise, he was doing that always. I have never noticed it!

Sometimes, we meet along the road, the small walk to the office. (Can't help.  That was the only way leading to the office premises). Suddenly I noted that he was always taking the roadside of the pavement, letting me get his cover. Right next to me, he walked in perfect pace with my strides, most of the times half a stride ahead of me. It was so cool because I was secured from any oncoming person and the moving traffic. Cross the lane, he will be on the other side covering you.

That was the first time I started to want him beside me.

When we happened to sit on the same seat on the bus, he let me sit near the window. Giving me a comfortable space, he sat towards the isle keeping his strong hands on the grab handle. During the whole ride, we had a good chat about the books we read, weekend outings, funny moments and many more. Actually, he was giving me his full attention. It was such a pleasing journey, I even did not feel my usual discomfort and nausea in a bus ride. Then he waited for me to get down, lead me to my next bus before leaving.

That day, he impressed me. 

I can write many more such moments.

Today, I am pleased to have him beside me at any time. He is still shy, he will struggle to find something to break the ice and he will try to act mature. But, today I don't mind any of those, because you are a gentleman.

Being a gentleman is not old-school. It always impresses a woman. (Actually, everyone)

Isn't it so nice to have such a friend beside you - who doesn't crack mean jokes, who support you when you are in trouble, who treats you like a lady when most fails even to identify your existence?

You might think it is very old-fashioned to behave gentleman in an era women fight for equal rights. For me it is not equal rights that women fight for, it is a "treat me right".

I love when you treat me gently because I am fragile inside as well as outside. I need your attention, need your support, need your protection because you are born strong.

That is why we love gentlemen. That is how he stole my heart.

Today we need more gentlemen to make this world livable.


1 : Good manners are foundation of a long lasting relationship

2 : A gentleman as her man is a dream of every woman

3 : Give good, receive the best!

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Lisa Steffler


Amelia, great topic. Young men have no patience to open a door for me, but thank goodness men our age still do. Even if it kills me, being a gentleman is one thing I will continue to teach my son. It goes a long way.

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Amara Kone


I agree with S. Jakes that most people do not have good manner--both men and woman. I also agree that a man with good manners immediately becomes more attractive.

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Nadine Wu


Amelia--if I had to guess, I would say that what is old school depends on the culture. Asian men better show manners unless they want their parents to disown them. Even Asian girls learn to show manners in public. But not true for all men. I cannot remember the last time a guy held a door open for me. Thank you Amelia.

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S. Jakes


Amelia, it is not just guys, nobody has any manners anymore. When I was a little girl, I asked my dad what a gentleman was, and he told me. Ever since then I look for men who show manners. Most men do not treat women gently. Amelia, you always choose the best topics :o)