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Nadine Wu


How To Start A Workout Routine

Posted On:24-Nov-2019/1:44 am

We all know that exercising and working out should be a part of our weekly routines. Not only is it good for your body and your heart, regular exercise is also good for relieving stress and anxiety. However, finding time in our busy schedules to exercise can be difficult. Furthermore, it can be hard to find the motivation to start exercising again after a long hiatus – it’s exhausting, painful, and downright boring. Nevertheless, finding the time and motivation can really change any negative perspective you may have on regular exercise. 

Throughout my adult life, I have gone through ups and downs when it comes to regular exercise. I was exercising at least once a week in my late teens and was doing quite well. But once I started going to college, I found that I completely stopped working out. This was mostly due to time constraints – if I did have any free time, I was using it to study or sleep. Additionally, I was exhausted most of the time due to early classes and all-night study sessions. My schedule completely diminished my motivation to exercise. I’m sure it’s not a surprise, but by the end of my degree, I had gained some weight and was incredibly unfit. I remember exactly what motivated me to start exercising again: I was a few months out of college, and I hadn’t found any full-time work yet. I was bored a lot of the time and felt completely useless. So, I started to exercise once a week – I couldn’t afford a gym membership, so I just did some cardio at home. Eventually, this once a week thing turned into two, then three times a week. I started to jog and cycle around my neighborhood, and eventually I was doing hour sets almost every day. Not only did my health and fitness improve dramatically, but my sense of pride and accomplishment did as well. I was more confident and wasn’t so upset about my unemployment. Ultimately, I got a full-time job, of course, and my routine wasn’t so intense. But I learned to manage my exercise around other tasks. Now, when I have a free moment to watch television or a movie, I do sit-ups or yoga while watching. If I need to go to the post-office or the store, I jog or cycle instead of driving. It’s hard to believe, but once again, I have started to enjoy exercising. Now, it gives me an excuse to watch my favorite television programs or listen to a podcast I am interested in.

Of course, even if you find time, it’s still hard to motivate yourself, but by starting out slowly – maybe a half hour every week – and building your workout routine from there, you could discover a whole new sense of inspiration.

Working out and maintaining a positive attitude toward regular exercise, will make the hard work easier overtime. And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either. By finding workout routines at home and building around your schedule, you could start feeling and looking better. The only catch: you MUST start today! 


1 : Exercising MUST be part of your weekly routine!

2 : Start small and motivate yourself to do more!

3 : You don’t need a gym – jog, cycle, yoga, hula hoop, etc., at home or in the neighbourhood!

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Adaego M. Azi


Kudos, Nadine and Jakes :-)

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Bruce Peters


Nadine, you are absolutely right. Working out is the only thing that keeps me sane and gives me the energy to put in long hours at the office. I also cycle around my neighborhood and beyond--nothing beasts the tranquility and peace of mind it brings. Once regular exercise becomes part of your daily life, you do not have to force yourself, the motivation will be there.

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D. C. Lawrence


I agree, the most essential part of starting a working routine and continuing to work out is motivation. I think when we are young, our motivation is looking good and as we get older, it is all about health. I have never been a big fan of working out at home (although if you have a very hectic or unusual schedule, this might be your best bet). I prefer working out in the weight room-I get motivated watching other people work out. And when I see the same people working out all the time, it becomes competitive (only in my mind of course). A busy schedule really is the enemy of staying in shape-you just have to keep telling yourself that if you can find time to watch television, watch movies on Netflix, play video games, talk on the phone, surf the net, hang out with friends, etc., you can find time to work out. Nadine, I also thank you for the advice and pep talk.

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S. Jakes


Nadine, thanks for the reminder. For months, I have been saying that I should start working out but I have not. I really need to get off my butt and do something. I used to jog, but it rains so much in Vancouver--and here I go again with the excuses. Actually, I am going to take your advice and buy a used stationary bike, so I can watch tv while I work out--not sure what happened to my old bike. Alright, now I am motivated :-) Thanks for the article and the pep talk.