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Amelia Roosevelt


Legitimate Or Illegitimate, There Is One Fact

Posted On:26-Jul-2020/9:21 am

A man killed his sister-in-Law’s child.

Actually, he has given legitimacy to that (so-called) illegitimate child, when she was in trouble. He was so considerate. He blocked all those hush-hush that could follow the little one.

But, the mouths were not silent. They talked about the illegitimate pregnancy, his sacrifice and now the child’s ability to claim the inheritance. 

“Why did you give your name? Do you know, now he has a claim for your property?”

Not once or twice. This went on and on, the venom started to brew in his nerves. The final decision was to kill that child. (Maybe it seems stupid but, that was the only thing he could think of)

The illegitimacy of a child – a problem buried under the carpet, by so-called ethical communities today. However, it is still alive in people’s minds.

Hush-hush behind the child’s back - That illegitimate one! The one born out of wed-lock! The shameful soul! You should not accept him to your society. Let them both perish – the mother and the child.

Then what about the man who fathered him. How could he be born without a father? Was he given by the god, without any intimate relationship with a man? How wonderful that could be. You should have worshipped him/ her instead of pelting stones. That is kind of a marvellous birth happened in this world.

If that child becomes world-famous, then all those hush-hush will disappear like magic. The mother will become a superwoman who worked hard to survive her single parenting.

In the past, (even today, though now it is not considered as the primary object) marriage was to have children. The woman who doesn’t have children considered a bad-omen. (It is funny that the woman is the primarily accountable person of births). The mother was (is) considered as the one responsible for rearing and caring for the child (and for husband too).

The association of a man and a woman is a blissful thing. It whispers love and affection. For the man, it could be the possession of the dainty soul he adores. For the woman, it could be her whole world, the affection, protection and care she is longing for. It was made so heavenly because it brings forth the future of their lives, their community, or maybe the destiny of the whole world.

A child is a treasure, not a mistake.

Both the father and mother are responsible for giving birth to that child. Rearing and caring for the child is not an obligation solely of the mother. She is also a child of someone, who takes courage to accept this new responsibility in her life – to give continuous attention, to let him suck milk from her breast (Most of the times mothers break down at this point) and to plan his future.

The tragedy is that the father could not stand it from the beginning. The very good example is one of the new generation dad's expression;

“Now I have this child and all, I am totally cut down from my life.”

In ancient times a child was a responsibility of the community because a child is the future of that heritage. The whole community looked after children as their own. Children were not a burden to their parents.

With the concepts/ Laws of public property, wealth inheritance and heirship came the legal responsibility. This legality might have led the man to deny his responsibilities towards his child out of wedlock. He was ashamed to accept his disloyalty to his family. He was ashamed to the extent; to deny his love, to deny his responsibility.

Therefore, it is the conceit built by the community that makes a child illegitimate.

 In my opinion, it is the adultery – the disloyalty, unfaithfulness, cheating is illegitimate in a just society. Not the child. It is that association that is illegitimate – unethical, immoral, unacceptable. Not the innocent child came out of that lock.

If the wealth inheritance was not related to the fatherhood, if the community accepted the child as a treasure, the story would have been different.

Legitimacy and legality should not be for the detriment of life. It should encourage ethical behaviour, but should not discriminate a natural formation came out of its relationships.

Because a child is a treasure.


1 : No child is illegitimate

2 : A child is a treasure, not a burden

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Lisa Steffler


Amelia, this is an interesting topic. This duppydom really shows the problem with this world today. Lack of morals and always looking to take the easy way out. Being guided by legality and wealth management will always lead people astray. Every day I come across pregnant single women in shelters, who were abandoned by their boyfriends (sometimes they have bruises all over their bodies). When are men going to grow up and take proper responsibility for their actions? Much appreciated Amelia.

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Amara Kone


It is appalling that hush-hush would follow the child, when she had nothing to do with the predicament, she found herself in. I agree that the culprit was the adultery, and even thought the mother has suffered because of the death, she too should get some penalty for her adulterous act.

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Adaego M. Azi


Hello, Amelia. So sad. This is what can happen when people cheat on their relationship. He thought there was no other option than to kill the child, but that was not true. We should go back to the idea that a child is the responsibility of the community, then this kind of thing would not happen, and a child would always be legitimate. Thank you, Amelia.

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Bruce Peters


Amelia--I have a young son who I adore, so I find the baby being killed particularly horrifying. Why do people get so caught up in inheritance? Not just this man, but I hear so many stories of children of a deceased parent who fight for years to get their grubby little hands on the inheritance--that is so disrespectful to their parent. I think the courts should really get rid of the word illegitimate--which child would want to be raised being called that?

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D. C. Lawrence


Amelia, firstly, I love the title of this duppydom. It is truly shocking that in this day and age, this type of behavior still exists. Today, humans claim to be evolved in our thinking and behaviors, but we absolutely are not—only cavemen and animals behave this way. I also find it incomprehensible that the terms bastard child and illegitimate child are still used today. I love the underlying theme of your duppydom—that is, all children are innocent and are a treasure, regardless of the marital status of their parents and the circumstances to led to their conception and birth. Very nice read.