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Let The Fall Happen!

Posted On:19-Nov-2021/12:51 am

Remember the days we learn to ride a bicycle?

The most feared was the fall. That hard thump on the road, the bruises, the embarrassment – it all runs through our minds at the thought of putting our feet on the paddle. Despite that we extend our short legs the lengthiest they can go and chug forward. A paddle slip is the worst. With the slip, losing the grip, the slam on your shin - hopping up and down biting onto the lips to hold back the tears – even the thought of it gives goosebumps.

Thus, we were afraid of the fall.

Some even didn’t try, seeing our suffering.

When my son was learning to ride, it was the same. I had to run behind holding the bike. More than him, I was the one afraid of the fall.

One day, he had taken out the bike, while I was in the kitchen. After some time, I came out to see what he was doing. To my surprise, the boy who could not ride so far was perfectly riding his bicycle round and round in the front yard, as light as a leaf in the wind.

However, my four feet high golden Thryallis plant was in two pieces, lying horizontally on the ground.

He had met his great fall.

He was no more afraid. It has taught him that the fall is not as hard as he thought, that every fall is not going to give him bruises. He has learnt how to escape hitting the ground. His concentration has changed. The more dreadful then was the broken plant. The fear of mum’s fury dwarfed the fear of fall. The best way to get out of the mess was to ace in riding.

See the result!

I haven’t even noticed it at first.

That is why I said to let that fall happen.

There's nothing to be afraid of. All are thoughts in our minds.

We always procrastinate our initiatives being afraid of failure. Being afraid of the aftermath of failure - The hurt, shattered confidence, broken image! We assess the vehemence according to the value given to it. Once we had the fall, we would see it was not that bad. Nobody cares. They will laugh at first and forget it. Just like everything else. Your fall is nothing to them. Wounds and bruises are not so painful. You get more confidence, now knowing the fall.

Most beneficial attempts give most painful fails. But who cares! It gives us some more knowledge of how not to fail.

So, never get discouraged thinking about something not happened yet. Every attempt has a 50-50 chance. You have a whole 50% possibility of success. Given more attention and careful planning, you can increase your side. Every failure teaches you what not to do. Something not known to others, which you can capitalize on.

A former chairman and CEO of IBM, Thomas Watson, Sr., once said, "The fastest way to success is to double your failure rate." It is your willingness (and courage) to take risks. The failure tells you where to focus, what not to adhere and what to change.

Many failures brought new ideas and innovations to the world. Penicillin has been identified from one sloppy scientist’s contaminated petri dish. The whole wheat flakes you eat every day was an accidental spillover on a hot stovetop. Post-it notes came out of a meddled solution for a super-strong adhesive. Plastic, Pacemaker, slinky, tattoo gun, videophone and tablet computer are some on the list that came out of mistakes/ failures or rejected innovations. 

Never be afraid of failure. Believe me. It is not that hard.



1 : success and failure has equal chances

2 : Never be afraid of possible negativities

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