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Lets Celebrate Oneness

Posted On:11-Feb-2020/11:42 am

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. One of the most celebrated days of any given year. Every man or woman who has a Sweetie will be purchasing a gift or two for him or her. Chocolates, Roses, Cards, Jewelry, expensive Wines and Dinners. Merchants will be in their glory as sales reaches over the top. As the day turns into night, love, attraction and affection begins to flow like wine from an open bottle. It’s a time to reflect and breathe new life into many relationships. So Happy Valentine’s Day from Me to You.

Now that Cupid has gotten the lovers settled. Let’s Talk. Did you know there are many people like You and Me?  Single! Yes indeed. On this Valentine’s Day there are millions of unattached men and women without a love to call their own. Whether it’s by choice or circumstances, we are here, so let’s Celebrate Our Oneness. Valentine’s Day is about love. We Singles love ourselves so let’s enjoy the day to the max.  

Here are some ways to explore and enjoy.

•             Enjoy your Oneness with confidence

•             Focus on your needs

•             Treat yourself to something special

•             Reach out to another single person to cheer

•             Avoid being dragged into a Pity Party

•             Spend the day at a Spa where a total package is offered

•             Plan a Night Out with Single Friends

•             Cook a romantic dinner for your Parents

•             Plan Valentine's Day Cook-out in a Park

•             Hang out with your guy friends, sit on a rock and fish


Here are more ideas that will help you enjoy your Valentine’s Day Celebration.


1.            Hand out Valentine’s Cards and Chocolates

One way to begin Valentine's Day celebrations is to hand out Valentine’s gifts to friends, siblings, classmates, and coworkers. If you are a good sport they can make fun of you for being Santa in February, it’s a great way to have a good laugh. 

•             go out for dinner

•             Host a theme party

•             have a sleepover

•             go dancing

•             play board games

•             stay in and relax

February 14th may be a great day to reconnect with an old friend. Let’s consider reaching out to someone we haven’t spoken with for a while, by phone or social media.

2.            We should celebrate our Oneness with a Happy Valentine’s Card to Self

Remember there are many upsides to Oneness. Complete concentration can be applied to any project we’re involved in. No question asked, no answers required. We can enjoy all the freedom and independence to our hearts content.

3.            Focus on you

Valentine’s Day is good a time as any to practice self-confidence, you can make a list of things that requires attention, go for it.

4.            Treat yourself

One of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day is to love Self. Here is a list of things to do that will inspire body and soul.

•             Watch your favorite movie on TV

•             Read a book by your favorite author

•             Enjoy a bubble bath and sleep as long as you want

•             Shop for something you’ve been saving for

•             Indulge in your favorite food

•             Paint or Draw portrait of your choosing

•             Dance to your favorite’s music

                Sing as loud as you can, it’s good for the lungs

A Happy Valentine's Day can also be about building meaningful relationships, so reach out to someone else and share your treats.

5.            Get support if you are feeling sad and teary eyed and cannot shake it.

If you’re feeling really down on Valentine’s Day then it’s important to get support. Call a friend, relative, counselor to get support. Your friends and family members can build your confidence and you will feel happy and blessed again.

6.            Avoid Love Triggers

You should avoid watching romantic movies and listening to love songs. People who have a social anxiety disorder are Prone to depression. These types of activities can make you depressed, it’s advisable to avoid on Valentine’s Day.

7.            Any plan is better than no plan

You can plan a day revolving around recreational activities on Valentine's Day. You will be surprised to see how many others are having fun.

•             attend a sporting event

•             see a play

•             go to a concert

•             go skydiving

Maybe your neighbors wouldn’t mind going along to these events, consider extending an invite to them.

8.            Plan a night-out with other Singles

If you have single friends then you can plan a night out as a group and kick-up your heels.

9.            Cook a romantic dinner for you and your Friends

You can prepare a romantic dinner with candles, flowers and wine for your friends. Imagine how impressed they’ll all be, and you never can tell who will be taking notes. 

10.          Desert – Make Chocolate-dipped shortbread heart cookies

Celebrating Oneness on this Valentine's Day has to be the very best. I am impressed. Happy Valentine’s Day to You.

11.          Finally – After desert go for a walk as a group

Conclusion:  Embracing my Oneness, my single blessedness is not a struggle as some may believe. It’s all about how we as an individual’s accepts where are at the moment. This Valentine’s Day will be joyful. It might be an invite to dinner, or loving on one of my grandchildren. If not, I will treat myself with love and care and be grateful for being alive. So until next year.







1 : Celebrating Oneness and enjoying it

2 : Happy Valentine's Day to you, and you, and all of you with Love

3 : Freedom and independence is sweet, embrace it

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Amie Warwick


D.C., I have never really thought about the rituals of Valentines Day before, but I guess your comments make sense. Every year, couples do the same things on Valentines Day--dinner, roses, chocolates, lingerie, or jewelry. I am not sure I would go as far as asking my husband not to celebrate Valentines Day, but he could me more romantic and creative. I would be on top of the world if he sent me love letters in the mail, but I know that would never happen!! One thing I have learned from being married is that men are just who they are.

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S. Jakes


DGauntlett, where were you when I was single for so many years? I could have used some of your ideas. I do not care what anyone says, being single on Valentines Day totally sucks. During my single life, my Valentines routine was to stay home and watch romantic movies--I have probably seen the movie Love Actually a thousand times--yes, I know that it is a movie about Christmas, but I also think it represents Valentines Day.

user profile

Lisa Steffler


DGauntlett and D.C.--I honestly cannot remember, it might have been me, but some time ago, someone commented that someone should write a duppydom about romance. God bless my husband. He tries, but when it comes to romance, he could definitely use some help. D.C., your comment is the closest thing to an article--I am going to print both the duppydom and your comments and force my husband to read them. Thank you for writing this duppydom DGauntlett--I wished I saw it yesterday and I hope your day was special.

user profile

D. C. Lawrence


DGauntlett--I will assume that my comments will not be popular, nonetheless, here goes. I stopped celebrating Cupid Day years ago. I have come to the realization, that Cupid Day is for amateur romantics. If you are truly enamored with your special person, you should be engaging in romantic behaviors over the entire year, not just one day of the year. Here are some romantic designs that I recommend: regularly send her love letters via the mail; routinely leave her very sexy messages on her voice mail; send her a formal invite to a naked dinner for you; surprise her with a package filled with her favorite lingerie; make arrangements with your local florist to send her flowers on a whim; send flowers to her workplace so all her coworkers know…; and my favorite--convince her that your friend is in town and the two of you are invited to meet him for drinks at his hotel. When you arrive, let her know why she is really there--she has been working late at work for many weeks and she deserves a solo weekend of R&R. Give her a candle-lit bubble bath, then a message, then a hug and a kiss, and make your exit--and of course, leave your credit card so she can buy whatever hotel offerings her heart desires….So, for all the men out there who still celebrate Cupid Day…if you still insist on being an amateur romantic, ditch the dinner and box of chocolates…at least be a bit more creative this year. Thanks DGauntlett, good read.

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Amara Kone


DGauntlett, I like your take on Valentines Day. Why does the celebration have to pertain only to couples? Just because you are momentarily single, does not mean you do not know love or embrace love. Why not express that love toward yourself? I love the sentiment. Happy Cupid Day 2020.

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Bruce Peters


dgauntett, I agree, the single/divorced people need to stick together. Wow, it is impressive how many creative ideas you have come up with for celebrating Cupid Day. Right now, the only love in my life is my son (my little man), so I will shower him with love. I know that Cupid is about romantic love, but I also know that there is no purer love that the love of your child--so Happy Cupid Day to him and to everyone!!

user profile

Adaego M. Azi


DGAUNTLETT, the word oneness made me think--are their holidays or occasions that celebrate being single? When I was single, Valentines Day was the worst. It was like Cupid was laughing at me. The one day Cupid set aside for couples, and there I was being single. DGAUNTLETT, l love all your ideas. I also think that single or not, we should always remember to love ourselves. Awesome duppydom. Happy Valentines Day to you too :-)