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Bruce Peters


Listening To Fate

Posted On:06-Oct-2019/11:25 am

Fate can be a tricky concept to grasp. Some find the idea that the world has mapped out their future unsettling, or even insulting when bad things inevitably happen. Others, like myself, find the concept calming and positive. I find fate reassuring because I believe that sometimes, things happen for a reason and we must find purpose in the chaos. Finding reason and positivity out of the negative things that happen during our lives can really change your perspective.

One life lesson that I have learned is that a belief in fate and positivity can lead to a calmer, more enjoyable life (not necessarily stress free, but a more peaceful life). To demonstrate this, I will use the example of how I got my first job.

During college, I was desperate for a part-time job. I had bills pilling up and needed the extra money because now I was on my own. I applied to a ridiculous amount of jobs – if a company was hiring, I applied. While I was not picky, I did have a personal desire to work in a restaurant. Being a teenager, I had no skills and no experience, and I knew that restaurant employees often got free food. I was a starving student who was tired of eating stale muffins (given to me nightly, by one of the food kiosk owners on campus).                                           

I applied to a large restaurant chain that I thought I would love to work for – I had been a regular at the restaurant and thought I would have been good at it. I ended up getting an interview and then a second interview. I was ecstatic and certain that I was going to get the job. However, eventually, I received my rejection phone call – this really stung. What hurt even worse, was that one of my roommates got the job. After this rejection, I started to apply anywhere, even at retail outlets, even though I hated the idea of working with clothing (something I knew nothing about). But, as fate would have it, I got a job at a men’s’ clothing store. At first, I was angry and upset with how things turned out. I thought I was destined to be able to feed myself via the restaurant job but, instead, I got a job at the one place I didn’t want to work.                                                                                   

Nonetheless, I tried to remain positive and decided that everything happens for a reason. Over time, I grew to love my sales job and eventually became manager of the store. I later found out from my roommate that he worked terrible hours at the restaurant and his starting salary was much less than mine. Going forward, I decided to listen to the universe and trust fate. Fate decided that I wasn’t supposed to get the restaurant job, because the hours would have clashed with my college classes and I would have been forced to quit anyway.

While this story is not very life-altering, it did change my perspective. I know it can be hard to believe that the universe is on our side. Because it often seems like life takes pleasure in “kicking us in the teeth”, we become disheartened with the idea of fate. But I truly believe that by looking at the positive side of the negative things that happen, we may be able to live a better life. For example, if I had remained upset with the retail job, I would not have become manager of the store. I would not have had a job throughout college. I would not have gained knowledge about inventory management, budgeting, corporate strategy, organizational culture and motivating staff members, and I would not have been able to apply the concepts I learned while getting my business degree.

By remaining positive, I was treated positively, and I gained competencies that helped me get the career I have today. If we accept that sometimes things just happen for a reason, then maybe we can find the best parts of a chaotic life.


1 : Keep your eyes open, sometimes fate is just trying to tell you the path to take.

2 : “What's meant to be will always find a way”.

3 : “Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant”.

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Amie Warwick


If you believe in fate, does that mean you also have to believe in God? Or is fate and God two different things? Bruce, sorry to be the odd woman out, but I do not believe in fate. Life is what you make of it--based on your hard work (or lack of). Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading your duppydom.

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Adaego M. Azi


Here is something I have noticed. Sometimes you do something without giving it a second thought and then years later, that something turns out to be important. About seven years ago I got into a car accident. I was not hurt but the other driver was. Even though the car accident was not my fault, I visited him several times in the hospital. Four years later I went to a job interview and guess who interviewed me? He turned out to be the best boss I ever had. It was almost as if fate made me visit him in the hospital because it was going to be important later in my life. Thank you Bruce, and Lisa I am going to check out sliding doors :)

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Lisa Steffler


Has anyone ever seen the movie sliding doors? Movie plot and trailer: https://film.avclub.com/sliding-doors-split-life-in-two-for-gwyneth-paltrow-1828340198--I find this sort of thing fascinating. How engaging in one action vs another could change the course of your life. Is the action you take fate? Thanks Bruce.

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D. C. Lawrence


Bruce, I agree, fate can be a tricky concept to grasp. Here is my take on fate-God has bestowed us with many gifts/talents and has a plan for all of us. However, our fate is not sealed. Throughout life, we need to figure out our gifts and use them to bring our fate to fruition. If we do not, our fate will not be realized. A belief in fate does not mean your life is out of your hands. [Keep your eyes open, sometimes fate is just trying to tell you the path to take]-well said, Bruce.