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Money Is A Mere Tool Of Transaction

Posted On:12-Apr-2019/10:45 am

Today’s world we could say is indulged in money.

From the moment we get out of the bed we are ready to earn. We may have to depart from our beloved family, parents or to live in the worst conditions but we accept it – to earn money. Money has been so elevated, we are ready to sacrifice many adored conditions – peaceful living, moral values or relationships – anything to gather numbers in our accounts.

What is this money? It is not nature's creation. Then why it has come to this world?

Yes, money is not natural. It is an artificial concept created by humans as a means of exchange, to measure values of goods and services we want to exchange. Money is intended to bring comfort to our lives rather than complexities.

The primary functions of money are to provide a medium of exchange and as a measure (unit) of value. We could buy or sell goods and services independent of the other’s requirements - a major obstacle we faced in moneyless exchange (barter) systems. When money was not in existence, the person who had rice but wanted some meat to cook his meal had to go in search for a person who wanted to exchange his game for rice. Exchanging rice and meat was rather easy, being able to portion according to the decided exchange value. When it a built house, or cattle, or a service, you could understand the difficulty in finalizing the exchange - So many aspects to fulfil before you get what you wanted.

Money thus came to our lives to make life simple.

But today it has gone far beyond the basic need. Rather than using money as a tool of exchange, we gather it as a store of value, to build up our purchasing power for the future. We exploit people not giving the value for the services they render, we raise the margin of profit well above the value we added, we destroy natural resources for mass production expecting shelves wiped clean within no time and play the cut-throat to build up nominal values in our books – something completely out of the expected list of functions of money.

We seemed in total darkness. A pack of blinds, roaming around not knowing where they are, what they are doing.

It is high time to open our eyes. It is time to reconsider where we are heading. It is time to understand the meaning of what we are doing. Are those fierce and intense fight for money is really required to push forward the lives of this planet?

It is time to stop the chase behind money. We should not be the servants of our tools. Life is too beautiful to exchange for money.




1 : Money is a tool

2 : Don't be slaves of your tools

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