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More Users, More Usage And More Uses – The War Market

Posted On:05-Jun-2019/7:37 am

The world is a market, in the eyes of a marketer.

You can sell anything in this world if you take a proper approach to the situation. Or you can build the situation to match your strategy if it is not already there. Yes, that is marketing. They are to craft ways and means to pinch your pocket.

The veteran in Marketing Prof. Phillip Kotler depicts in his 15th edition of Marketing Management, "To remain number one, leading firms can take any of three actions. First, they can find ways to expand total demand."  

So, we do expand demand.


“By developing new users, new uses and more usage of the product”.

The concept is boundless. For any product you can apply this, to gain guaranteed results. From the most essential items like food, homes, to cosmetics, this is the same in the push marketed war. So, the itch here in my mind is about the push market and its extreme item – war, the newest play toy.

War is to prompt fear. War marketers build up new users, by triggering fear, they propose new uses displaying how to manipulate this fear, and they develop more usage witnessing the results.

At first, wars erupted over religion. Some wars broke out from the interests of individual sovereigns to expand their trade or to expand their boundaries. Then, the military power and capabilities became an instrument of state policy or an instrument for survival. Powerful nations brought life to their ideologies, by making war a part of a great design as in the 17th-century religious wars and dogma of Nazi master race.

Today, the war market has developed its usage towards a rational instrument of foreign policy. To play an act of violence, to compel an opponent to act on their will. 

One nation builds up its military force, military equipment to show off the others their power. Cold-calling for anybody out there asking for it. Then others observe the reactions - The silent obedience, granting their wishes. They see the advantage of usage. Offer accepted.

Another gives fake battle cries. The opponent purchases war (or the war equipment). Some other, flames traditional enemies into war, using someone else as "Cat's paw". Maybe it comes in form of a revolution, a cry from the new generation, an unfairness to minorities – the nation buys into the war-market set-plans.

The problem is, whose money used in this market. How happy (yes, used this word deliberately) will be the end-user and the fund provider (the citizens)? Is there a benefit for the fund-provider or have they been Muppets at the end of a string pulled by an invisible hand?

We all know what was left by war.

This is a crucial time to open our eyes as citizens of this world.

Because our minds are pre-set. We are slaves of information. Information provided deliberately to disorient our focus. We are not allowed to have our own analysis of a situation. Our eyes are covered. Blindfolded, we are led to the directions they want.

When we are in the market, how many things we take into consideration before buying a good (or a service). As a nation, why can’t we at least be that vigilant in this war market?

It is time to think.

Think rationally. Think independently. Are we going to be victims of the war market or are we going to be free humans of this free world? 

The choice is ours.




1 : War has expanded its usage

2 : in a Push market, be vigilant of your purchase

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