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My TSA Nightmare In Broad Daylight

Posted On:10-May-2019/3:40 am

Traveling had been one of my most favorite and enjoyable thing to do, whether by ship, plane or car. Since my horrifying experience at Orlando TSA, I’ve been wondering if somethings haven’t gone too far under the disguise of “Security”.

And for those who will be throwing mud balls from a distance, please know I am all for keeping people and country safe. I am also well aware there are folks who will stop at nothing to hurt others in the name of whatever or whoever they choose defend.

One of the burning questions I have is “could some individuals at TSA be using their gloved hands; at the expense of unsuspecting travelers, for their own perverted enjoyment? That dreadful frisking of my body have left me with more questions than answers, and in shameful disbelief.

On Friday, August 10th, 2018, I was scheduled to board a flight from Orlando @ 6:30am, stopping in Detroit, then on to Toronto. I arrived in Orlando very early to avoid the mad rush and long lines.

My hand luggage was placed on the belt while I went through the scanning machine with hands up and feet apart. The agent stared at an area that was showing “Red” she then told me to step to the side as the machine is suggesting there is something in my “anatomy”, that meant, I had to be patted down. And yes, I have been patted down in the past but nothing as sickening as on this day.

Before reading me the “patting down” act, the agent asked, are there any open sores or implants on your body?” I was taken aback about the open sore question and wondered who in Hell would travel with open sores. However, I swallowed hard and said “no” to both questions. She tells me she will be using the back of her hands on my behind, and both front and back of her hands between my legs. Immediately thoughts of a stranger’s hand between my legs flashed in front of my face. Looking down in a daze and realizing I was wearing a long fitted dress, which gave me a nauseated feeling. “Nasty, unfamiliar hands up and down my legs?” Just then she invited me to go to a private room, if I wanted to. I promptly declined, “telling her there’s nothing to hide” so whatever is to be done will be done in public. The procedure began with directions on how to stand and how wide to open my legs. This type of pat-down where a woman is asked to stand wider as another person who is not my lover wiggle hands up her legs touching my most sensitive area should be AGAINST all earthy LAWS. It’s disgraceful, it’s indecent. This is anything but “Security”.

As expected, agent #1 found “NOTHING”. Then she says, “don’t move” while speaking to another person, who instructed me to go to the end of the moving belt to continue. Before moving, I asked agent #1, “Did the machine indicate the location of the item?” Still waiting for an answer, she never responded, she just looked at me in disgust, as if to say “REALLY” don’t you realize you’re in deep S..T?

Funny thing is, as quietly OUTRAGED as I was, I knew something they nor that machine didn’t know. There was nothing to find. I pack my own bags and I keep them close to my body. I don’t borrow suitcases nor do I take back suitcases that is lent to others.

Moving on with agent #2, she repeated the same info as the first. Frustrated and embarrassed by being publicly molested, the search continued and again produced ZERO. Every single item in my bags, and the bags themselves were swabbed, panties, brassieres, toothbrush holder, everything was unfolded, squeezed, shaken and put on display. Phone and iPad included. In the end “NOTHING” was found. “NOTHING AT ALL”.

When asked for a simple explanation as to what part of my “anatomy” the machine discovered hidden items. Before she could answer, a man standing behind appeared to be another TSA agent interjected, asking, “What is in the word “Anatomy” that you didn’t understand”? (Bloody Cheek) at that point it dawned on me that they were sure the machine had found a criminal who may try to escape so he was standing by me to block any attempt.

Belittling someone often unearth (unkind) retaliatory responses, even from those who usually dismiss things with a shrug. Without a doubt, “the only thing that would have been hidden in any part of my “anatomy” would be a few extra pounds of “FAT” which is NOT illegal. Throughout my entire adult life I have taken pride in living by the law of the land. Even when I truly believe some laws are ridiculous. FREEDOM to move about have always been PARAMOUNT in my life.

TSA needs to do things differently in this area. The indignity I suffered because that STUPID machine gave wrong readings of my body parts cannot be fully explained. Followed by agents who might NOT be properly trained or agents who uses the opportunity to humiliate because they can. Sexual assault is a felony in the “Real World”. Yet, at some airports it’s happening in the name of “Security”, in plain sight. Probing hands knows no boundaries. Sadly, there’s not a flipping thing a woman can do about it. Once a female enters TSA territory and is selected, pray it’s not a wolf in sheep’s clothing doing the pat-down. THE SHAME OF IT ALL.


1 : The joys in traveling is slowly dying.

2 : TSA needs to make changes on how some travellers are searched.

3 : Has humiliation and indignity become a part of the travel experience, for some?

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D. C. Lawrence


D'Gauntlett - your experience was horrific. I agree with you. Travelling is not as fun as it used to be – at least the part that transpires in the airport. Firstly, contributing factors to the issues with the TSA are lack of sufficient staff and poor training. And a major contributing factor is simply the erosion of human decency, which is exemplified in the airport’s “security conscious” environment, and the urgency to “keep the line moving”. Someone should remind TSA agents that it does not cost anything to be kind.