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Amelia Roosevelt


Repute Or Disrepute?

Posted On:04-Oct-2020/5:15 am

They were checking her new house plan.

“He said he knows Jane.” She told her friend.

“Who doesn’t know Jane” his words had some displeasure about the recognition. In other words, it had an intonation that Jane is well-known for her disrepute.

Well, I must say, she is not. That person knows her because he was once a customer in a branch she worked. Also, he once came to discuss his dissertation with Jane, for his Masters, since she was in a senior batch. He married a lady well known to Jane. Then there were more than disrepute, for him to know her.

To write this, you could see, it hurt me a lot. I hate people who throw filthy remarks about others.

If we talk about Jane, in general, wherever Jane walk in a street, someone would come and talk to her. It could be about a service of her institution, for some information regarding a new development or just to say “Hi”. For example, once she ordered something online and the delivery guy asked, “I know you are, madam. You live in the house near the bend, aren’t you?” (He might have seen her near her house because she sweeps the road in the morning). When we went for a vacation with others in the office, a girl came running, “Oh! Miss, I know you. Have you been a teacher?” (Found out she had worked with Jane, as an insurance agent.)

I could remember, once her daughter (when she was about 13 years) said "This is ridiculous. I can't walk with you, mum. Always someone pops up to talk to you.”

So, let us talk today, why people come and talk to some people and not to the others).

Most of my friends know they can share their secrets, emotions, feelings with Jane. She listens to them wholeheartedly, to ease their mind, or both of them to have a hearty laugh at it. Her mouth is zipped for anyone’s secret. The guy who insulted Jane is also a listener, and a spreader. He listens to know what goes on in that person’s life, to let the others know he is smarter in his ways than him/her. He is a “no-go zone” for your emotions. You cannot expect kindness in sharing your pity or compassion from him.

Not a single person Jane met was treated by her according to what she heard about them or on the first impression they made. Even if she felt that he/she is not her kind of a person, she let them be themselves, because, she knows she is not a perfect model of humanity. Also, Jane knows the rumour could not be the facts. Mostly, those prejudices are based on a very shallow view. For example, someone told Jane about another friend of her as a womanizer, but it was found, there is a sad story behind his first love. For him, that was a lesson, to not to get involved in a stable relationship. That made no impact on Jane’s friendship towards him. For her, he is another man in this world with a different life experience.

The person who insulted Jane, treats people according to their economic status, caste and benefits he could gain out of the companionship. Jane has her own strengths, to get what she wants, let it be grace, honour or power. Therefore, she doesn’t have to beat her companions to get what she wants. Jane treats them with ease, she treats them all as friends and she accepts them as they are. Jane knows what to discuss and what not to discuss with people. So, they don’t treat her differently. She is one of them whom they can reach at any time.

Whenever a person comes to Jane, she doesn’t recite theorem or sayings of great philosophers. She has her own practical solutions for them. She believes there are ways to get something done, or not to get done. So, there is no wonder why people are proud to say they know Jane. For the guy who insulted her - only if there is a benefit out of his advice/ support, he will attend it.

No wonder there is a big difference in how he sees Jane and what really stays behind her. From that incident, I learnt people assess us according to them.

So, being irritable to some people is unavoidable. Understand the reasons behind it. If there is a fault in your actions, get it right.

If not go ahead, their hatred is none of your business.




1 : Fame is a spillover of virtue

2 : If you are right, ignore insults - people hate goodness in others

3 : Repute or disrepute is based on who you are, not on what others say

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Lisa Steffler


Amelia, my advice to Jane would be that regardless of the past that she lived, she is now on the right path, so ignore what anyone says about her. Forgiveness has always been the plan of God. The man who insulted Jane should also ask forgiveness. Such a man of ill-repute. Thanks.

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Amara Kone


I agree with what you said about a no-go-zone; and not to expect kindness when you share your heart with someone like the guy going around badmouthing Jane. Adaego said it best, these kinds of people really are pathetic; and their goal in life is just to cause chaos and they never take any blame for the chaos and disruption they cause.

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Amie Warwick


Amelia, I agree with Adeago, so many people are like that. I liked what you said about how some people treat you based on your economic status and what they can get from hanging around you. These are the people I call fake friends, because the minute you are no longer popular, they are gone out of your life. Jane seems so innocent, just minding her own business and so many people are just gossiping about her--poor Jane. Thank you Amelia.

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Adaego M. Azi


Amelia, people like the guy who insulted Jane are such pathetic people. They go around insulting people they might have met once and know nothing about. I had the same thing happen to me--this girl I barely met was spreading rumours about me. Come to find out that I dated her ex-boyfriend years after he broke up with her and that was why she hated me. What you said is so true, sometimes it is hard not to be irritable towards some people. Thank you Amelia, I love your duppydom.