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Amelia Roosevelt


Seeds Of Revenge

Posted On:16-Jun-2021/6:39 am

They were standing on the cracked porch. That was the only remaining building. A day before, this was a busy street. Now it is a pile of rubble. What they have known for their whole life ruined in a second. Now what? Was that what they were discussing?

They were not kids, who cannot figure out a day’s chaos from the aftermath of an air raid. They were not adults, who have witnessed the beginning of this and the reasons for the goings-on. They were a flock of teenage girls of the Gaza strip who have experienced a threat to their carefree lives.

They were in a news reporting of the recent Israel – Palestine conflict.

When one of the girls realized the camera, her eyes turned to balls of fire. Her frown could have burned the recorder alive if not she jerked back.  It was a sole reflection of revenge. Happy with our pain? You wait and see!  

I am not a supporter of Palestine or a fan of Israel. For me, they are two communities on this earth rooted in the same origin. Sons and daughters of this earth, fighting for their sit on her lap.

Like in my previous story “The brawl”, that was a sore moment for me.

After a brawl, things will not be the same. Not only the adults, but even the children will also reject each other. No casual talks, exchange of pleasant surprises, or calls to play. A tiny seed of hatred, a memory of a threat has been planted in their minds. A warning to be on alert, a reason for distrust has been created.

Thus an ugly background formed for the next generation.

A child reacts to what they experience. When someone destroyed their neighborhood, it is hard enough. To fuel the fire, there are vengeful talks from their adults – their reactions, curses, and remarks on previous happenings, what they have not witnessed.

They start to identify them and us. A line is drawn. They weigh situations with self-made measures - They are a majority, we are a minority. They are suppressing us, we are repelled of our rights. They are enemies, we must get together to protect our clan.

When they become elders, leaders, parents they act based on those. Stories will be passed down the generations, gathering more and more hatred down the line forming a snowball. As per the quote “Good deeds are seldom remembered, bad deeds are seldom forgotten” things only become bitter.

We may win an argument. Defeat the other in a fight. Victorious in a war. But, what is left with us? An enlightened friend? A disciplined rival? A jubilant nation? 

The answer could be found in the story of Emperor Ashoka of India.

His empire was stretched from Afghanistan to Pakistan, almost the entire Indian subcontinent. In about 260 BCE he waged a very destructive war against the state of Kalinga. In the end, more than 150,000 captives were carrying away by force and more than 100,000 slaughters and deaths. Wherever he headed it was crying, weeping, howling, and cursing. No one to hail him.

Seeing the destruction made by him, the emperor became so regretful and full of sorrow.

This moment was composed to a song by musicians Rohana Weerasinghe and Sunil Edirishinghe

I have captured ten states, killing the rival kings

With my power, I have conquered the world!

Despite the whole, what have I gained?

Other than another group of rivals!

Sitting on the kingless thrones,

Now no one to come against me,

I heave the heaviest sighs, (but the mourns will not get wiped)

Holding my crown of sorrow, bestowed on me!

I renounce this empire I conquered,

To keep the noble humanity in me,

Throwing myself at my feet

Thus, I cry out my sorrow at me!


I am not a big shot to advise the world. However, with this, I have tried to show what we can expect sowing the seeds of revenge.

We all want a peaceful, happy life for our children. This includes the other’s children because they will be the world for our ones. 

It is high time to stop pointless conflicts.


1 : Conflicts leave permanent scars

2 : Emotions of childhood turns into actions of adulthood

3 : We sow, we reap

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Amie Warwick


Whoa, this is crazy. A child does react to what they experience. Even if they do not know the cause of the conflict, they are going to hate the other side. You are right, each child on each side is going to draw a line in the sand, especially if someone in their family was killed by a bomb. This hate has been going on for so long and is meaningless.

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Lisa Steffler


Amelia, I can sense the despair in your words. As a woman of God, I feel the same way. When is this war going to end? The story of the Emperor Ashoka of India is a good example of what happens when they engage in war without thinking of the consequences. This is a good warning and a beautiful duppydom, Amelia.

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Adaego M. Azi


Amelia--I am also not a bigshot; I do not know much about the Israel--Palestine conflict. But I see the pictures on tv, and it always brings tears to my eyes. What you said also made me cry--It was a sole reflection of revenge. Happy with our pain? You wait and see!--it is so sad that now the hatred is being passed onto the children :(