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Bruce Peters


Stop Procrastinating Your Life

Posted On:09-Feb-2020/5:36 pm

Procrastination is one of the easiest things to do. Procrastination means postponing a task or decision for a later date, usually because of how unappealing the task is. While procrastinating can push back something boring or unpleasant - like cleaning the garage, exercising, or paying your bills - it can cause a lot of issues, too. While it's easy to procrastinate, it's hard to get back on track after long periods of delay. While some tasks and decision can be really unpleasant or unlikable, the longer you put something off, the harder it will be to get started in the first place. What’s even worse, some people even procrastinate seeing their doctor when signs are pointing to a possible medical problem - I don’t have to tell you what the repercussions of this can be. Procrastination can make day-to-day life just a little bit harder, or it can disrupt your overall life, like it did for me.

When I first graduated from college, I was nervous about stepping into the outside world. I was very comfortable studying and knew my way around college life, but I had little idea about the world of professional careers and being an adult. I was incredibly nervous about getting a real job; I was afraid I would fail, be fired, or simply not like the career path I chose. So, I decided to procrastinate my life. I convinced myself that I was still young and decided to just stay at my sales job at a men’s’ clothing store while I gained some ground in the real world. This “little bit of time” turned into a year very quickly. All the plans and goals I had set out for myself by the end of that year were completely broken, because I procrastinated. I waited a long time before I started looking for a career, out of fear that I would fail. But, the longer I waited to start, the harder it became to actually begin my life.

What finally motivated me into looking for a career was the idea that I would always procrastinate and end up working in the same clothing store for the rest of my professional life (and waste all the money spent on my college degrees). The fear of wasting my degrees, and my life, frightened me more than the possibility of failing. So, I eventually forced myself to start looking for a career and to finally start my life. It was hard, but the encouragement of my friends and family helped a lot. Of course, once I started actually looking, job opportunities came (not right away, but eventually). And through multiple interviews and a few jobs here and there, I discovered what I really wanted to do - become a freelance writer. Once I discovered my true path, I was able to start my life. But, I wouldn't have found what my true path was without trying first.

It can be easy to procrastinate, whether it’s about something menial like running errands, or something crucial, like a career path. While procrastination can be fun (yes, being lazy can be fun), purposefully delaying a difficult task for a later date will just make it all that more difficult. If you have a plan, a goal, or a task that needs to be done, then get to work right away. The quicker you start it, the faster it will be accomplished. Don’t fall into the trap I did.


1 : A lot of us get into the habit of procrastinating.

2 : We even procrastinate major life events.

3 : This is a habit you need to break. It can lead to major problems.

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Amara Kone


Bruce, this is a very important life lesson to learn. Many people are unsatisfied with their life. Personally, I think their unhappiness centers on not taking charge of their life. They are either procrastinating their life or waiting for someone to show them the way. I agree with S. Jakes, good example Bruce.

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Adaego M. Azi


Bruce, as soon as I saw the subtitle of your duppydom I had to smile--“Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can do today”--how many times have we heard this saying from our dads--I grew up with this one. I agree that procrastination is the easiest thing. It simply means being lazy and we are all good at being lazy. The biggest problem with procrastination is if you do it all the time, it’s hard to break the habit. Good job, Bruce.

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S. Jakes


Bruce, thank goodness this is something I have stopped doing. I think that if you are serious about advancing in your career you have to take advantage of opportunities as they come up, you cannot be wasting time thinking about it. Bruce, I totally get being nervous about starting your life after college--I would think that every college graduate goes through this. I enjoyed this duppydom :-)