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Lisa Steffler


Stop Worrying – Everything Will Be Fine

Posted On:23-Jun-2020/2:30 pm

It’s easy to sit in the bed all day and think about how things aren’t going to work out. It’s easy to have those silent conversations in your head where you come up with a thousand and one reasons why your life may never get better. It’s easy to get all worked up about how your co-workers see you because someone at the office said you don’t measure up. It’s so easy to worry, maybe that’s why we do it almost all the time. We worry about everything – both the things we can control and the things out of our control.

Life is filled with lots of circumstances and almost every one of us has had a fair share of them. A circumstance is simply a situation which you have little or no control over. A good example of such a situation is when you set wonderful goals for yourself and come up with great plans on how to achieve them. You do everything right and follow the plan, yet in the end, results don’t turn out how you expected them to. This can be frustrating, especially if you have put in a lot of energy and effort to make things work. Circumstances can create anxiety in us and lead us down the path of worry. However, before you go down that road, you need to ask yourself these questions:


1. Will worrying about the situation bring any solution?

2. Can I do anything about the situation? If no, why worry? If yes, why worry?


If you can sincerely answer these questions, you’ll realize that worrying is a complete waste of time and energy. It’s either you have a solution to a problem, or you don’t. If you have a solution you can go ahead with the implementation, instead of troubling yourself. And if you don’t, why bother yourself over something you can’t change?

Life has really taught me a lot. After so many experiences and incidents, I’ve come to realize that things always work out in the end. There have been situations where things didn’t turn out the way I had expected them to, despite my good plans, perfect execution and faith. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that after a while, the results always come in way better and bigger than I had earlier anticipated. You may be wondering, how is this possible? Well, here is the little secret. Each time I’m faced with a challenge or circumstance, I try to find a solution or come up with another strategy almost immediately! To be honest, it’s not as easy as it sounds because we humans are controlled by emotions. However, with constant practice you can learn to control your emotions; that is the first step towards breaking free from the chains of worry and anxiety.

So, what’s the thing all the world over is worried about right now; the coronavirus. Some people are worried about having to teach their kids from home, some people lost their job and are finding it hard to get another job via the internet, some people have run out of money and cannot pay their bills, some people are still working on the front line and fear putting their family in danger, some people are putting on weight and don’t recognize themselves in the mirror, some people are not getting along with the people or family members they are quarantining with, and some people feel conflicted about wanting to go back to work and resume their normal lives – the list goes on and on. Obviously, you are one of these people and you are worrying about your specific circumstance. So, how is your worrying working out for you? Will worrying about the situation bring any solution? Can you do anything about the situation? Yes, so why worry? First, deal with your emotions – know that worrying is normal and is a normal reaction to something that you think at first you do not have control over. But, now you must stop worrying and take charge so you can find a solution. One of the best ways to find a solution to your problem is to remove yourself from the problem and pretend your friend has the problem; what advice would you give your friend? Remember that you have friends, family members, volunteer organizations and government offices that want to help and are available to you. Exhaust every possible option you can think about in resolving your problem, then come up with another list of solutions.

We all have our fair share of problems, insecurities, circumstances, etc., but instead of subjecting yourself to mental distress; if you spend more time thinking of the way forward, you will see a lot of positive changes in your life.


1 : Every one of us has problems that we are currently dealing with.

2 : Will worrying about your problems bring about any solutions?

3 : Tackling your problems head on is the only way to deal with them.

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Amie Warwick


Lisa--I would say that tackling your problems head on is the only way to solve your problems, yes, but that does not mean you can’t still worry. When I really start worrying is when I know that the problem is really getting serious.

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Amara Kone


I agree that it can be comforting to know that things will turn out okay, but you still have to act to make sure that they do. Worrying is not good for your mental health, but neither is your world falling apart. “Exhaust every possible option you can think about in resolving your problem”--this makes more sense to me.

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S. Jakes


Lisa--I get your point, but I think it’s a natural reaction to worry about things. I also think that sometimes you need help from people so things do turn out right--I can think of my parents as an example. They are my go-to whenever I really need help with something. I am not sure how I would be dealing with the coronavirus without help from my parents.

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D. C. Lawrence


Lisa, it can be comforting to know that things will turn out fine. As you mentioned, the coronavirus is the main stressor on all our minds these days--and it is not just the virus, it is all the other problems that the virus brings. The solutions to what ail us are in our hands (if the stressors are controllable), but I liked the fact that you mentioned we start off with emotional coping. It is one thing not to worry, but it is another thing to completely ignore the problem(s). Emotional copying at least enables you to recognize that there are problems/circumstances you are facing. Good read.