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Amelia Roosevelt


That Ultimate Gift

Posted On:22-Aug-2020/9:47 pm

Think if you got a power to give eternal life. To whom would you give that blessing?

I could imagine your response. “Don’t talk nonsense Amelia, be your age. We are not in a fairy tale.”

But, believe me, there are a few people in this world who could give eternal life.

One are writers like us, photographers are another one capable of that gift. I would like to talk about writers. They catch the character, emphasize the spirit and spread it over a paper for others to see. It will give eternity to that beautiful soul. It will be there forever for anyone interested to grab. It is a skill no other artisan have. Writers observe, verbalize or paint that particularly beautiful soul. Not only for today’s persons but also for generations to come, to meet that soul once lived on this earth - How they lived, what they valued and how they felt.

Isn’t that wonderful?

We love those characters. Think about Anna Karenina, Mr Darcy (Pride and prejudice), Louisa Clark and William Traynor (Me before you) - They live in our memories, because they teach us many things for life, for survival. A writer or a photographer just don’t bring a person to life. A writer extracts most adorable qualities, worst mistakes, extreme conditions faced by the character. A photographer paints a visual report of the person. They are a kind of psychotherapists. They point out the beauty in souls, what made them and how the strength of a human take different versions. They point out how the difference itself make this world beautiful.

Then we start to love those characters.

It will be infectious. We transfer our new empathetic view to understand others. We start to tolerate mistakes, weaknesses. We understand how the other one feels. Those eternity givers open our eyes to the outside world. 

Writers are like that. They could pinpoint characters we didn’t see around us. How, why and what went around them to build up those characters. They steal those personalities to beautify their work. Then people get to notice of it. Another of those personality thieves are actors. They follow people to grab those spirits. Then display us the beauty of the world.

I have never thought of this until I came across a story of about a photograph of an elderly lady (in Humans of New York).  She was reluctant to pose for a photograph. Another lady of her age then leaned over and muttered, “Let him take the photo. Go to the eternity” and there she came in her gorgeous dress, with a beautiful smile for all of us to see. That beauty will defy ageing. That beauty will resist time.

We all talk about Leonardo’s Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s David. From the 16th century, David and Lisa still live in this world. We admire their beauty and wonder about who breathed behind those masterpieces. Actually, it is their lives that brought forward in those work of art. Because of those fine artists, we tempted to think about the significance of lives.

Through their gifts of eternity, we also learn how those protagonists get adapted to this world, how they faced problems, why they took a step back. From those characters, we learn what is good for us and the others, what to do and what not to do. How people get agonized and why. How we could overcome drawbacks.

You will understand how people changed, why and what made that change. We learn to accept change in people. We get to know people will change.

The best of all is how those eternity givers observe people. Silently, they go deep into the souls, notice deep scars and sparks, tell the tales untold. They see the difference in their lives. They show how worthy are those emotions and actions.

They build respect.

Therefore, I gave my best friend the best gift I could offer. Actually, he became my best friend because of this writer’s ability. I saw his weaknesses, why he denied things, how he feared social criticism. I saw how considerate he about others, how he cared for feelings, why he was a gentleman. Now he lives in my novel for all the readers to admire.

I understood a worthy relationship deserves a worthy gift.

So, it is time to be proud of our wizardry, dear writers.

We have that power. We are the givers of eternity.

(Inspiration was given by a meme for one of our Duppydom posts.)



1 : Writers have a magic power

2 : Worthy people deserves worthy gifts like eternity

3 : Eternity comes in different forms

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Lisa Steffler


Amelia, this idea of giving writers eternal life, or writers giving an author/person eternal life--I think I remember an Instagram post on duppydom that mentioned something like this. I agree with you and Adaego, writers are wizards. My writing is certainly not up to that level, but I try. Thank you, Amelia.

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Bruce Peters


Okay, now I get the S. Jakes reference in your other duppdyom--nice. This makes me feel good. I have been writing for years and I understand what you are saying. A writer, just like a painter, is alive for a certain period of time. Their work is like a time capsule, so when future generations see it, it will tell them about that period of time. I agree with what you said…to meet that soul once lived on this earth--How they lived, what they valued and how they felt…but maybe the book or the painting is also showing how an entire generation lived during that time.

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S. Jakes


Amelia, I am okay with writers, photographers, painters, sculptors, etc., getting eternal life. But, what about teachers? We paint and sculpt the minds of young people. Our work also lasts a lifetime because a student who we teach today with have influence on generations into the future. The Mona Lisa is beautiful, but I know she cannot use a computer and I can, so… :-)

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Amara Kone


Amelia, I like this very much. Given that someday I plan to be a writer full time, I would welcome immortality. I also like the way to wrote about Mona Lisa and the statue of David still living in this world--this is very poetic. I say this because whenever I look at pieces of art in a museum or a replica, I always wonder what the subject in the piece would think about our world today. There are some interesting ideas here.

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Adaego M. Azi


Amelia, you always write such beautiful duppydoms. I think that writers have magic powers too. I like it that you call the power wizardry. Maybe since writers write a story for generations to read, it would be fitting that writers also have eternal life. I do not think it is nonsense. Thank you, Amelia. I logged on because I could not sleep and now, I can sleep with sweet dreams of living forever :-)