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The Afterlife And The Role Of Karma

Posted On:19-May-2019/2:17 am

Death is a mysterious event. We are all to experience it, but none to describe it. Something inside our warm, energetic form has gone. Only a mere casket like frame left in this world to deteriorate.

Where has that energy gone? Is it energy? How does that emerge here and where it has gone? No one has a tangible answer. No one is there to describe it. That is where our religions come forward to give us some directions.

Many religions present an afterlife in heaven or hell, sometimes in purgatory until the final judgement. Our deeds in this life will be the reason to receive us in heaven or gulped down by hell. The good deeds lift us for a good afterlife, and the sinful souls will receive the burn in hell. In Buddhism and Hinduism afterlife comes as a rebirth. This rebirth also depends on the way you lived in this world. In simple terms, every religion depicts, behaviour in this life needs to be harmless (in every way) to the other living beings in the world to provide for a good life after death. According to the Lord Buddha "neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase your good (or bad) deeds”.

However, many disputes exist against this. Since there is no evidence at human hand to prove the life after death, there are followers of “only one life” belief. Also, many tend to deny “karma” or the cause and effect concept of someone’s act on their future, or in their afterlife.  

There are reasons for that.

How many times have I heard, “If the karma is there, if there is coming back of your good and bad deeds, how those wicked people have such good lives, with all the comfort at their hands, while the good people suffer?” or “If the innocent are protected by the gods, how could this happen to me?”  

So, we have reasons to doubt.

Science has still not reached to test the afterlife status.

Therefore, we are allowed to doubt. To doubt that “good will come for our good deeds and bad will be upon us for our sinful acts”. This is universal. This is eternal. Neither Lord Buddha, nor the Jesus, or the Allah could show someone “here it is, see it came out of karma”. It is intangible. Witnessing it is beyond the reach of us – the lay community.

However, not like in the legal system, the "benefit of the doubt" will not be in favour of us, because the real witness is “the one above us”.  

Accordingly, a poet in 14th century Sri Lanka, Alagiyawanna Mukaweti, pointed out this in his “Subashithaya” poetry work;

Ethath nethath paralowa sudaneni mahatha

Haloth yeheki pawkam nothabama sitha

Nathoth e paralowa in wana aweda netha

Ethoth nethey pavu kalahata wei vipatha


Even if there is or not an afterlife to bequeath its gravity

It is better to leave sins from your heart

If there is no afterlife, nothing will go wrong from doing that

If there is an afterlife, the one who sinned believing there is none, will suffer from his deeds


1 : Nothing can decide your afterlife other than you yourself

2 : Whether or not there is an afterlife it is better to be a pious person in this birth

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