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D. C. Lawrence


The Cost Of Human Caused Climate Change

Posted On:11-Jan-2020/4:30 pm

A few days ago, I was watching a news report on CNN about the wildfires in Australia. While watching the report, I was also reading the crawl at the bottom of the screen and because there are so many climate change deniers, I felt compelled to share what I read:

“Fires across Australia have claimed at least 26 lives. Nearly 18M acres of land have been burned – most of it bushland, forests, and National Parks, which are home to the country’s native wildlife. Ecologists say nearly half a billion animals have been affected by the fires in New South Wales alone and millions of them are potentially dead.

Storms, flood, and wildfires cost the world $150 billion in 2019. Losses are only expected to go up due to climate change. Munich RE, one of the world’s biggest Reinsurance companies, says it expects the frequency and intensity of weather disasters to increase, putting strain on the economy. “What climate change does is change the probabilities”, pointing to an increase since the 1970s of severe thunderstorms in North America and Europe and bushfires in Australia. 820 natural catastrophes struck in 2019 – slightly below the previous year, but well above the long-term average of 520, Munich RE says; typhoons and floods in Asia accounted for the largest monetary losses. Bigger losses from weather disasters will cause premiums to rise and make it more expensive for businesses and property owners to buy insurance, company’s climatologist says.

2019 was the second hottest year for the Earth on record and the hottest Europe has ever endured, report finds. The only year in recorded history that was hotter was 2016, and only by 0.04 degrees celcius, according to EU’s climate monitoring organization, Copernicus Climate Change Service. The past 5 years and the last decade were the warmest ever recorded, with global average temperatures over the past 5 years being between 1.1 to 1.2 degrees celcius above the pre-industrial average. That’s dangerously close to the critical threshold of 1.5 degrees celcius outlined by the Paris Accord; scientists warn that failing to contain global warning to less than that will trigger more extreme wildfires, floods and food shortages affecting millions.

In Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology says that 2019 was the nation’s hottest and driest year on record; record breaking heat last month fueled the massive wildfires that are still burning. Global concentration of carbon dioxide – a key contribution to global warming – climbed upward in 2019, increasing by about 2.3 parts per million, according to a report.”

Lastly, I often hear people say that "if we continue with our environmentally unfriendly behaviors [most notably, our continued use of fossil fuels], we are going to kill the planet – we must protect the planet for our children and grandchildren". Just a reminder that humans evolved to survive on the planet, not the other way around. If the devastation of climate change continues, Earth becomes inhabitable, so we are really killing ourselves. And after the extinction of the human species, in about one million years, Earth will heal itself – Earth will survive. The “impending extinction of humanity” is the message we should be shouting from rooftops!! Human Caused Climate Change is a real phenomenon.


1 : Human Caused Climate Change is a global phenomenon. The wildfires in Australia is a warning of thing

2 : Just a reminder that humans evolved to survive on the planet, not the other way around.

3 : The Earth is resilient, it will survive. But what about the human species? We need to start changing our behaviors!

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Bruce Peters


Amie--the Australian government and the Trump administration similarly deny climate change. I assume it is less costly to be climate change deniers than to create policy and/or allocate funding for change or clean-up. S.Jakes, your comment is unpopular because we would rather blame the government than do our part--and I am just as guilty. Appreciate it D.C.

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S. Jakes


D.C. - this will probably not be a very popular comment, but aren’t the same people complaining about governments not doing anything about climate change, also not doing anything about their contribution to climate change? Isn’t the problem - “human caused climate change”? So, what is the average person (human) doing to help change the problem?

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Amie Warwick


D.C.--my husband and I are originally from Australia so you can imagine how devastating and heartbreaking this is for us. Bushfires are not uncommon in Australia, but this is different. We are in constant contact with family back home and they say that it is much worse than what we see on the news. I cannot begin to tell you how mad I got after watching that first video. Over the years, there have been numerous climate change rallies directed at the government, but they do not seem to care. Thank you so much for this duppydom--we need to continue letting the world know about how bad climate change really is.

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Amara Kone


It is indeed a sad state of affairs in Australia. You are right, human interference is part of the problem and human interference is needed for change. Climate change denial is not helping.