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Amelia Roosevelt


The Greatest Profession

Posted On:29-Aug-2020/1:23 am

What is the greatest profession in this world?

That is one of the questions I asked in our Toastmaster meetings.

There were engineers, doctors, bankers, students and many more from different sectors. You can imagine their responses. However, none of them came with what I thought as the greatest profession in the world. The amusing thing is, we all do that job in our lives. It is part of our humanity. It leads us to survive in this world.

Many species extinguished from this earth, but we remained here to dominate. We knew how to protect ourselves, what to do next and what to expect. We could see that in other species too but not to the level as among humans.

Other animals have behaviours copied from their parents or just act by instinct.

Our dog barks aloud when it was afraid or when he saw a stranger. Leopards guard around water sources to catch their prey. Birds learn to fly across oceans to reach better habitats, fight weather conditions or for seasonal food. During the Salmon run, salmons swim from the oceans to the upper reaches of rivers, leap up over waterfalls, to find their breeding grounds. All those go in cycles or as a pattern adapted from generation to generation. They just do it not knowing about new changes, dams, changing winds, extreme weather conditions. They just follow their traditions. But, we humans don't always follow traditions. We question, examine, find evidence for an acceptable reason. We see changes evolved. We do not follow blindly unless it suits our logic.

Day by day, we advance ourselves a step more. Yesteryear we conquered the moon, now we are headed for the Mars, Mercury and the moons of Jupiter. Now we know how to dissect a vein with minimum bloodshed. We know how to clone an existing being. We can join continents as in Bosphorus Bridge connecting Europe and Asia. Looking back, from our beginnings we have grown up a lot.

The most common means children used to get or do what they want is crying. If they find someone goes against their will a fight will be definite. They bite, they smack and they steal or forcefully grab what they want. We laugh at them because as adults we don't do such things. That is not how we should behave. It is not ethical or not the norm.

When I got into a train in Germany, a teenage offered me a seat. In a western culture where many expect disregard for adults, this has impressed me a lot. In Korean drama, they often talk about respect for seniors or to persons elder than you. In my families when relatives visit our homes, and when they leave we reach down and touch the ground near their feet pressing our palms together (as in worshipping Lord Buddha) to mark our respect.

In the same way, we respect and worship our teachers wherever we meet them.

Because you see all of the above - the survival, critical thinking, passing the existing knowledge, practising values and norms - were taught to us by them. They showed us the path. They guided our lives.

If not, we would have left like any other animal, to learn the life basics from the beginning. Had they not have the heart to pass their experience, to tell us what they have learnt so far, where they failed, where they disheartened, we would have spent half of our lives learning those from scratch. But that didn’t happen because our elders acted as teachers - the passers of knowledge - for our children, siblings, friends and others.

That is why I consider teaching as the most precious profession in this world. They guide us selflessly to reach our goals. Great teachers don’t keep any educational advice hidden from the student to keep an upper hand. As our Jakes said, they paint and sculpt the minds of their students. They create the next generation. They see our potential and bring it out for the world. They are the guardians of humankind. 

So, what is your opinion? Don’t you too think "Teaching" as the greatest profession in this world?

The most satisfying fact is that we all practice that profession throughout our lives.

(This is in gratitude for our S Jakes - one of the guardians of our humankind)




1 : Passing the knowledge survived humankind

2 : Teachers saved a good part of our lives from suffering

3 : Writers give eternity for a person, teachers give eternity for a species

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Lisa Steffler


Amelia, another interesting topic. I do know a few teachers and your duppydom does a good job describing them. I agree with what Amie said, how can anyone say teaching is not the greatest profession. Unlike most professions, all of us know teaching because we are exposed to teachers all of us lives.… The survival, critical thinking, passing the existing knowledge, practising values and norms…were taught to us by them. They showed us the path. They guided our lives--this is so beautiful written. Much appreciated Amelia.

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Amie Warwick


Amelia, love your duppydom. I don’t see how anyone would disagree with you. Starting from childhood, we have teachers our entire life. All the way up to my husband, I’ve had teachers along the time. When we have children, they will have their regular teachers, but me and my husband will teach them a lot of things too. Different kinds of teachers are part of our entire life; you can’t say that about any other profession.

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Bruce Peters


Amelia, I agree that teaching is the best profession. My son has been quarantining with my ex-wife and she has been teaching him online. The days when I have him, I become the teacher. I am a smart guy and hold a good job but have a hell of a time being his teacher. I would say that the most noble thing about teachers is that they are humble. They do great work without complaint. Parents have been doing online teaching for 4-5 months during the quarantine and all we do is complain about how hard it is.

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Amara Kone


I believe that teaching is the greatest profession. Every person in every profession, at one point or another, was taught by a teacher--it all starts with teachers. Years after leaving school, we still talk about our teachers; we still show them respect. Amelia, after reading your last two duppydoms, I can see that you look at the world with the eyes of a writer.