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Amelia Roosevelt


The Motto Of Adulthood – Never Be Wrong!

Posted On:03-Nov-2019/3:08 am

I am an adult.

So, what?

Being an adult means you are taken as an example. Your steps are followed. You are an idol of someone (at least, for your children). So, isn’t it something to be proud of (after all this struggle for 53 good years)?

Many of my friends have taken this stage very seriously. They are very careful in giving opinions. Follow the group conformity. Try not to be the deviant. Not to get criticized. Embarrassed if someone laughed at them. Taken grudge with the person who pointed out that. So many odd behaviours (in my opinion) collected along the path to adulthood.

For some miscalculation in preparing me, I don’t feel so. I give my opinion even if none of the others agrees with that. “It is my opinion, you asked for it, didn’t you?” I can laugh my head off at my stupidities along with the others. Talking with any stranger or making an impromptu speech is nothing for me to be afraid of. I am just another human being – a speck in a 7.7 billion similar souls in this vast world. So, what if I was wrong? Only a hundred or two hundred (maximum) out of that 7.7 billion will get to know it. That means 7,699,999,800 will be out there not with a clue about it.

That is how I think of me and my bold ideas (a great manufacturing defect?).

My friend is not so. He keeps his thoughts to himself. Follows the predecessor's steps. No deviation. I should not insist on him to do so, too.

My senior officers are afraid when I bring out a new idea, a new way to do something or me pointing out a longstanding practice is harmful now or wrong – how dare you are lady, whom do you think to change these things?

Despite all this whenever I had a chance I did those in my way (and it all went successful). The only thing I was concerned, whether I am bringing something good, something of value to the place. I was hesitant if it brings any negative impact to my seniors, to predecessors or any of my colleagues. At that time I was keen to directly state that it was none of their faults, but a longstanding practice which needed some refinement. 

So, I became trusted by my subordinates, chosen for challenging tasks and became an idol for many of my friends (though it was never divulged).

This is the boldness a child has. They are open in their opinion, not afraid of being wrong and creative if the thing is not in existence. (Maybe my mind has some problem in growing par with my age) Those are the basics of change. The foundation stones of growth. So, why do we shun them when we grow up?

We build up our self-images, fill our minds with ego and consider other’s approval in all our acts. Do we need those? What is the worth of a self-image, a high ego (constructed self-identity) if we are not moving forward, Unable to build up relationships, or afraid of criticism? That positive self-image then will not bring us anywhere. Why should we seek for others approval always? Are we afraid of being rejected?

Take Elon Musk. He was laughed at for his idea of all-electric cars, doubted the efficiency in using fossil fuel-powered electricity for charging such vehicles (Tesla), the feasibility of his solar panel manufacturing business (Solarcity), his reusable rockets (SpaceX) and now his daring 3D network tunnel system underground connecting major US cities. He had answers for all. He displayed how his tests went on. He believed in estimates of how accurate he could be rather than calculating how wrong he could be. He brought those dreams to the existence, successfully. Now the others became the laughing stock.

His intentions were not to build up a regime. It was for the benefit of all. In his interview, he said "if it didn't work we are in deep trouble" because it is not only his business that will be in deep trouble, the whole earthlings will be if there is no supplement for the fossil fuel.          

So, if it is for the betterment of all, nothing harmful, why not test it? Why not present your idea? Why not display how you see it? Why we stay afraid of the rules?

If you stay glued to the existing systems, are afraid of changing the status quo, you will stay fixed. You will never be a leader. Do something a bit differently. Bring out new, different, bold ideas. Don’t count your followers at the beginning. It will be uncountable at the end.

Be bold. Bring life to your thoughts. You will be remembered forever.

I love bold people!





1 : Elders love children being bold in their opinions. Then, why not treat same way with adults

2 : Be bold despite others criticism, because you are needed

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Adaego M. Azi


Hello again Amelia. I like your lesson about being bold. I would like to become a better leader. But I am always afraid of doing things outside of the rules--maybe this might be the reason why I get fired. But perhaps if I do not stretch myself things will never change. Sometimes I think it might be easier to do these things when you are older because you have more life experience and if something goes wrong you have more options?? Thanks Amelia.

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Bruce Peters


Amelia, as a business man, there is nothing I hate worse than conformity. I often ask my team for ideas about a project and the ideas are often the same. As soon as one coworker hears an idea from another coworker, their idea is always similar. I also have to agree with DC--once we reach adulthood, we learn to fall in line. And I think this is why we get so blown away when we hear ideas that challenge the norm. I hate to say it, but humans are raised to be sheep. Amelia, I also love bold people!

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Lisa Steffler


Amelia, I would have to agree with you. I probably spend a lot of time proving that I am right--we all do. If your children are supposed to follow your example, then you must set the example, which means being mostly right. Now that I am thinking about it, I guess the example you could set is that there is nothing wrong with being wrong, Or, there is nothing wrong with not following the status quo. There is nothing wrong with being an independent thinker--perhaps this is what I should be teaching my children. Much appreciated, Amelia. I like your response D.C.

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D. C. Lawrence


Another thought-provoking duppydom. To me, your duppydom alludes to the difference between evolution (incremental thinking/change) and revolution (transformative thinking/change). Children often come up with transformative (crazy) ideas that adults think are cute, and we expect them to think freely because their minds are unrestrained. But, by the time they become adults, we expect their logic to fall in line. As your Elon Musk example demonstrates, advancing humankind only occurs through revolutionary thinking and change. Currently, the problem with cancer research is that most researchers are thinking on the same plane. One day, a researcher(s) will come along who views cancer from a completely different perspective-and behold-revolutionary change. Society is doing children a disservice when we raise them in lockstep with traditional thinking. Good read, Amelia.