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Amelia Roosevelt


(To) Believe It Or Not

Posted On:02-Oct-2019/6:04 pm

A flower-like girl committed suicide.

That's a good story. Isn't it. Actually, a good plot for many stories to tell, as we please. "She had an illicit affair." "She was married to a wealthy gentleman but left him for another. Deserves that.” “The police said it was a murder. Some two unknown persons had roamed around on a motorbike in the morning”. (We are the witnesses, we are the police, we are the judges).

The most painful for me was, the words from a so-called educated person - “Must be a fast number.”

I was unable to hold that flow of water. Pressed my eyes to a tissue I let it pour down, to empty my guilt in being unable to fight against it. To convince some truth - The truth behind the buildup. The truth behind her life.

People wondered why I cried.

I knew her from her childhood. A doll-like beautiful child of unmarried parents (a grave sin in Asian culture). Her father left her for another woman, before long. The reality pricked my heart whenever I saw her. My pain was in feeling what she was going to receive in her life. The endless questions there to pop up. “Why her father is not with them like others? Why mum curse him? Why neighbours don’t let me play with their children?” Then, with the time financial burdens, concealed hatred and rejection from the society growing on par with her. Her every movement to be taken suspiciously. So many other things I might have not known. There was very little I could do other than not involving in beating her mentally. So, everything happened as guessed.

To the eyes of the others, she was an illegitimate child, of an ill-mannered family, not good to allow into their society.

In birth we all are equal. We came into existent as a cause of a natural process to continue our species. No different method is used in those noble births. Then who differentiated her.

So-called ethics, values and morals of her society dictated she was a burden to the society. She was an obstacle to the state of peace, prosperity and productivity (the ultimate objective behind Laws, morals, manners and customs). Just following the literal, theoretical meaning of the concept the society (me, you and all the others) disapproved her existence.

That is something I could not change.

Simply, I was failed in my duty. I was unable to convince her that she was a valuable person, she was admired and she was fondly remembered by friends. She didn't know that. At least, I was unable to close the mouths of those tale-tellers. It was impossible for me. To fight against a whole bunch of humans who loved gossip and wish ill in someone’s life.

After everything, the only message I could pass on is, we could dig more into the facts behind a story, rather than accepting in the face of it. The tale-teller, the path it has already taken, the words used, what the words meant to us all could contribute to distortion. Before passing it on, before believing, before thinking negatively about the subject person we could take one step further to look carefully about the content. If we don't know the full story, it is better not to analyze one particular incident and spread our opinion on it.

Be all the people (living or no more with us) happy and comfortable, out of harm even from a word!


1 : Gossips are demonic. We could be there next prey.

2 : If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all - Aesop

3 : Believe nothing what you hear, only half what you see

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Bruce Peters


Amelia, this is a very sad story. But unfortunately, a story with a similar ending told too often. As children we are told that if we cannot say something positive, then we should not say anything at all. When we get older, we think that rule no longer applies. I do not know what the answer is-how to stop bullying? Perhaps it is our national pastime. Amie, just so you know, men gossip just as much, and can be just as vengeful. Thanks.

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Amie Warwick


Amelia--as a victim of gossiping, I can tell you that it is really demonic, especially because it is often filled with lies. Some women can be very vengeful with their gossiping. I think it is a form of bullying and can push people to suicide. I do not mean to sound angry, but this topic brings back bad memories!!

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D. C. Lawrence


[At least, I was unable to close the mouths of those tale-tellers. It was impossible for me. To fight against a whole bunch of humans who loved gossip and wish ill in someone’s life]-Amelia, I must agree with Adaego, try as we might, it is virtually impossible to prevent people from gossiping. Some people take pleasure in gossiping about others. And sometimes it is as if they wish other people harm, because they know their gossip contains lies. In this instance, you should not think that you failed in your duty. Take solace in knowing that you were one person who was kind to her and treated her gently. Good read.

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Adaego M. Azi


Amelia, this article makes me very sad. Now I am wondering what people are saying behind my back. I guess one lesson here is not to pay attention to gossip, you are always going to have haters. You cannot stop what people say about you, but you should question gossip before you pass it along. Great advice Amelia :)