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Amelia Roosevelt


To Learn Or Not To Learn

Posted On:28-May-2019/1:41 am

Guess how old I am. I will give you a few clues.

The last time I went to the University was two years ago. No, I was not an undergraduate at that time. It was not a visit to see my son, no it is not for an alumni association.

Now guess my age.

You can see I was old enough to have a child at university. Yes, I was 50 years old at that time. I went to learn. At the ripened age of 50, I went to learn. To learn more about this world, from a different angle.

I am a person of “how and why” always popping up in my mind. Even at the age of 50, I wanted to know how that new machine works, why that plant didn’t grow or what the secrets behind longevity.

This led me to learn many subjects. When I am in doubt I chase behind it until I receive an acceptable answer. Once, to know "why people reluctant to accept female authority" I went to learn management when it is not giving the answer turned to Human Resources, from there to Sociology. Just to get my answer.

My hunger for knowledge was not always in my favour. My appearance in a classroom tends to turn heads. Lecturers, parents, other students were secretly having a second look on me. Criticism and laugh heard behind my back. In my last session, I found the young adults in our batch disapproving my company. Being a person used to tread alone, it was not a thing for me to worry. But it hurts. It hurt me so much, twice I have postponed my next study course.

Once I wanted to learn French. I paid for my children to learn new languages. Sometimes, I wished I could sit there in the far back seat, to learn those lessons. When I paid for my first IT class my husband criticized that as a waste of money. I overheard him saying “I think there should be a limit for learning. There is no need for an adult to learn anymore”. I knew it was intended for me. So, I was afraid to attend French classes in the capital city. I will be a bother for them all.

I was using "my earnings" to learn. I have earned that money, pouring my sweat and tears, in someone else's company. When I wanted it for myself it seemed I was paying out of family money. That day I have cancelled my course. Later, at a very latter day, I have completed my IT course, but that wound remained. Then, I have learned to neglect, to discard such gloomy facts.

With that courage, I have started to go further. I have learned how to commute by train, how to find places without being a nuisance to my family and to keep my ears shut for nonsense. After two years gap today I am going to apply for my second Masters. Twice I have dumped it. Just because, someone’s action made me feel incompatible. But, they were just a mere fraction of my life, weren’t they? Should I let it grow all over me, pushing me to a dark corner or should I just let it go, like chasing a fly sat on my nose, and carry on my life? Does that expense worth it? Will that brings me and my family anything in return?

Why not?

Dr Jacinto Convit published his last research at the age of 100 in 2013. He was a legend in the Medical field. He developed a vaccine to fight Leprosy and was working for a vaccine for cancer even at his 100th birthday.

I am not such a legend. But, I am still 53 and may have many years ahead of me to live. So, I should not waste that future. This investment is for me. For me to see the world with new possibilities. To understand the world from some other's viewpoint. To know what is going around me.

Yes, I am going to pick my learning up again. I should not waste my life. After all, learned people are the wealth of a society.





1 : Learn everything

2 : Enlighten yourself, it will lighten your burdens

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Amelia Roosevelt


Want to say "Thanks". You are so encouraging.

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D. C. Lawrence


Amelia – interestingly enough, when I think of “lifelong learning”, I think of the first stanza in Dylan Thomas’ poem, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” [Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light]. Bottom line - if you do not have a belief in lifelong learning, you might as well be dead. So, Amelia, …do not go gentle into that good night…revolt and rebel against those who want to put you out to pasture….be a bother for them all. And D'Gauntlett - your comment, “criticism cannot penetrate old bones”, warmed my soul. I thank you both.

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AMEN & AMEN to learning new things. No Amelia, do not waste another moment. I read your duppydom with a smile and warmth in my heart because I hear these negatives all the time. Seems some folks think age 50 is the cut-off for learning. I am 76, still doing a 5 hour drive every 2 months, still flying wherever I choose and keeping abreast with new technology, learning all I can. Criticism can not penetrate old bones. So Amelia, go learn French, get that 2nd Masters and while doing all of that, learn to dance and throw a party to celebrate your accomplishments. Blessings and best of luck.