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Amelia Roosevelt


Weeping Soldier

Posted On:05-Jul-2021/5:02 am

“How many terrorists have you killed by now?" the wife asked from her Army Major husband.

He went silent. A long stare remained in his eyes.

I have overheard that, while in my office.

That recalled me of the role of King Kyung-Soo, in K-drama “Youth of May”. A university student arrested and forced to become a soldier. Many of his colleagues were killed for protesting against the government. (We know many countries have similar stories deliberately wiped out from history books). He was sent to stifle the protests. Despite severe beatings and harassments from his seniors, he couldn’t aim a fire-arm at any living soul. Kyung-Soo’s friend shouted “Don’t try to be the good guy. If you didn’t fire, someone else is going to". (It could be from the enemy side). Battlefields are always one-sided. It is a field of death.   

My husband also worked as a Navy Officer. He was attached to the medical branch. Therefore, instead of long silences, I got many stories and phrases from his work.

One day, he was assigned to bring casualties from the battleground. Their chopper flew in the dark of the night. No lights allowed, they had to grope in the dark for equipment. One soldier with a badly wounded leg wanted to pass water. No catheters were anchored, my husband cut a saline bottle and let him use it as a bedpan. In his half-conscious mood, he urinated all over my husband’s hands and uniform rather than the makeshift bedpan. Throughout the trip, he was weeping. He wept to come out of the battleground, to get his leg fixed, and thinking about his family. 

It remained with me as a painful memory.

As in the “Confessions of an economic hitman” by John Perkins, he was another young man sent to kill and die. According to his words;

“Today’s empire builders do not carry swords, wear armour or wear clothes that sets them apart. They emerge in very legitimate ways. First, the economic hitmen appear as development consultants, if they fail jackals arrive to overthrow heads of states or let them die in violent accidents. When jackals fail, young Americans were sent to kill and die.”

Many people think, "they have paid for their service."

But the reality is different.

During a war, economies crash. Agriculture, trading, or no other craft could survive. Cost of Living skyrockets. When families suffer, a pull market opens for the Armed forces.

Our soldier was one of them.  

A man who didn’t want to aim a gun, had happy memories with the opponents, wanted to live a quiet life in serenity with his family, has pushed "to kill and die".

Whenever a soldier aims his firearm it is out of fear. He was afraid to die and leave his beloveds to suffer. Anyone can argue, what about the people who started the killing. I want to ask for whom are they doing that?

From the book of John Perkin’s, the role of student Kim Kyung-Soo, weeping soldier in my story, and the silent major, I see one thing. This world whirls around a belief called power. We fight to maintain someone’s power. There’s nothing we gain from those fights.

The general public doesn't fight with each other. Soldiers are not with inborn hatred towards with whom they fight.

We have pushed towards fights.

It is time to see the world with an open mind.


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Amie Warwick


Amelia--I read an Instagram post about creating catchy article titles. Your duppydom title is so good. I cannot think of anything worse than war. If I was forced to go to war, I would probably be hiding and crying the whole time. I do not see wars ever ending, leaders of countries and people in general do not have an open mind.

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Adaego M. Azi


Amelia--I am not a fan of war. I do not know how everyone does not see that war is about power and no one wins in a war. War is a losing game and the soldiers who die, and their families, lose the most.

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Nadine Wu


Amelia--the fact that a solider would be weeping during war is heartbreaking. I would hate to be forced to be in war. If you are a violent person, you might enjoy fighting, but if you are not, you would only be thinking about getting killed and the effect it would have on your family--horrible.