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Amelia Roosevelt


What’s In A Name?

Posted On:08-Sep-2019/8:02 pm

Amelia, Florence or Celine.

Is it something so serious to bite-off a perfectly cut glossy nail? Rubbed that chipped part off she cuddled more into him.

“I love to call her Amelia, she really will be a striving defender like you. Florence also will match her for sure, with those little bright eyes and curly locks she definitely will have from her father.”

But, I love to name her Angelina, she will surely be an angel. Like you. He softly brushed a strayed lock off and kissed her forehead. 

What if it's a boy? I would love to name him Alfred. Aubrey also good, but it means "Ruler of the elves". Why not Elmer, he will be awe-inspiring.

A typical conversation of expectant parents, I overheard in a public park.

We are so considerate in naming our little offspring. It reflects our hopes, expectations, and love.

When we step into the outside world our name is just a label to identify us from the others. Bryan, Geoffrey or Beatrice, it is just a tag attached to you for the others. To pick you out from the others. Then we start to get nicknames. I'm interested in those. Those are no more tags. It depicts how others see you. How others label you.


The most critical thing one can do to another being. Once you label them (stinky, crazy, skinny, drama queen) you are categorizing people according to your mindset. You are restricting the others view on them. You are de-humanizing them. Nobody could focus beyond that label. They could no more see the beautiful soul behind that name.

Most of the times nicknames are of a negative nature. Over highlighting teeny weeny cracks in one's life. Simple deviances in behaviour in a set world. Interpreted by the powerful as deviant (or criminal sometimes). The worst comes out when that person starts to act according to the label affixed on him/her (reinforcing the label). Mastering the deviance. No more s/he is free. That label chase behind him. If it is as a criminal or a wrong-doer that shaken trust will haunt over him throughout his/her life.

Criminal behaviour is not the only aspect. If we label someone as over-reacting to situations, people will not pay due attention to him/her. If s/he is complaining about a symptom of a critical illness, and people ignored it…? Labelling is such harmful in people’s lives.

People change all the time. The naïve will become an expert, the idiot no more an idiot. So, it is very improper to label a person. The cute little Angelina could be a daredevil in time to come (with what s/he received). Elmer will not be so awe-inspiring, but a quiet hidden character around.

Lord Buddha once taught his disciples it is not the name, cast or the family that matters, it is the deeds that give you recognition.

Today, I failed in recalling my best friend’s name. It was so humiliating. Forgetting my bestie. But, I found that a few days before. Slipping his name from my mind. Not him, but his name. In our conversations, I call him differently. There was no need to keep his real name in my mind because he is the only one in my mind. You are not a label, a one-dimensional, soulless creature to me. You are as the God sent to me, a rich soul which I cannot restrict to a name.

But, it was so embarrassing.

So, I devote this to my friend, see there is nothing attached to a name if it does not reflect its meaning. It is how you have been recognized in the other person’s mind that does matter. Keep a sharp eye on it.

That is you, for them. That matters.


1 : A name is nothing compared to the God sent soul

2 : Name is just a tag to pick you from the others

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Amelia - I will say with much certainty there is a fair number of individuals globally living with resentment and dislike for their given names. I was one until I had children and realized how much time was invested in trying to find the perfect name. Still, who in their right mind would look at a cute innocent baby like “Me” and named her Gauntlett? God rest my mothers soul. Amelia Forgetting your friends name is not major, we all do from time to time. The heart remembers and thats what’s important. Nicknames - At school, I was taunted and jeered day after day. - “rolling stone nuh gather nuh mass”. Really they missed it totally - I was a crying stone, the more they taunt and jeered, the more I cried. Guilty Me - Calling a child by every name except their own. As I yelled “are you deaf?” I was calmly reminded “mommy that’s not my name ”. OOPS. D.C. Lawrence - Unit100-45? Have mercy. Imagine all my children running away from home when I begin confusing their units with their siblings. Thanks Amelia, a very good read.

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Lisa Steffler


D.C., you are so right. Amelia, I am not sure if you are a mom or not, but this is something every parent does. Sometimes I am looking straight at my daughter and I call her by the wrong name. Sometimes I go through all their names before I get the right one, and it is even worst when I am angry at the one I am addressing. We are so considerate in naming our little offspring. It reflects our hopes, expectations, and love-that is so beautiful. I really enjoyed reading your duppydom Amelia.

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Bruce Peters


Amelia, the thing I found the most interesting was your comment about nicknames. What does it say about society when parents have to spend so much time thinking about the nicknames that could be associated with a name, and sometimes not choosing the name because of possible nicknames. About forgetting the name of your friend-I forget names all the time. It is simply a function of my memory-no more, no less. Thanks.

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D. C. Lawrence


Amelia-I believe that the moral of your duppydom is twofold-please correct me if you think otherwise. Firstly, because the name given to us shortly after birth only serves as a label, and does not reflect the person’s soul, naming a newborn UNIT100-45 could suffice. Secondly, some psychological research shows that by the age of 5, our personality is fully developed and still prevalent 40 years later. Therefore, perhaps the custom should be that we name our children on their fifth birthday, when we have a better sense of their true nature and we can give a name that is more fitting. Amelia-in regard to forgetting your friend’s name-not to worry. In my younger years, my own mother would forget my name regularly. She would often call me by my other sibling’s names. I later found out that parents do this all the time. And based on your logic, my mother did not forget me, she just momentarily forgot my label. Adaego-I agree with you about the meanings behind the astrological signs. Although tens of millions of people are very much invested in their meanings, I find the whole thing a complete waste of energy. Good read Amelia.

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Adaego M. Azi


When I was a child, my parents told me that Adaego was of African descent and the name stood for a girl with a nice and gentle soul. When I was young this brought me great comfort and I would tell anyone who asked me what my name meant. Now when I google my name here is the character analysis of my name-persons with the name Adaego are trailblazers, torch-bearers, researchers, teachers and they are who show others the way. They are leaders, motivators and idealistic visionaries who are aware of their own innate powers-hmmm, I don’t think so. I think the same about the astrological signs-they don't mean anything. I am just who I am. Thanks Amelia.