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Why You Need To Stop Worrying

Posted On:19-Oct-2018/10:23 am

The period when I decided to quit my writing job to become a full-time musician was a very difficult one. I spent a lot of time worrying. Am I going to succeed? What will happen to my bills? I had a thousand questions going through my mind. I later found out that the solution to this problem was quite simple.
Just like me, most people spend a lot of time worrying about all sorts of things; am I going to pass my exams? We had a fight yesterday, is he/she going to break up with me? My boss is interviewing some applicants, am I going to lose my job? I have been taking a lot of sugar recently, am I going to have diabetes? The list goes on, and for some people, there is always something they need to worry about every single day. Some concerns are, indeed, genuine and others are completely unnecessary. But, whether the reason why you are worrying is genuine or completely unnecessary, the response in your body remains the same; increase in the levels of cortisol also known as the stress hormone. Trust me, having high levels of cortisol in your body is something you do not want. These are some of the effects of high cortisol in the body; a weaker immune system which will increase your chances of infection, weight gain, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, diabetes etc. Spending too much time worrying can also cause psychological disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder. I believe the above reasons are enough to help you adjust.
So what was the solution to my problem? The next time you worry about something, make sure you ask yourself this question; "Is there anything I can do to prevent or change this situation I am worried about?" If your answer to this question is, yes, why then do you spend so much time worrying about the problem instead of working towards a solution? If your answer is, no, then why worry about a problem you cannot change?
This is an approach which really helped me to solve this problem. Whenever you are faced which problems that are within your control; Take a piece of paper or note-taking app and write down everything you are worried about, no matter how small it is. After you have written them down, examine each of them individually and think about a solution. For example; if you are worried about passing an exam next week, then make a plan and start studying. If you have some money problems, then think about how you can either make more money or spend less money. The next step is to start working towards the solutions you thought about. Make sure every day you do something that brings you closer to that solution. Last but not least, don't worry about things you can't control. This approach will help you focus more on the action (taking steps towards your solution), rather than spending time thinking about the problem and doing nothing about it (worrying). This will also help you to develop your problem-solving skills, which you will need since your problems won't solve themselves.


1 : 1. Spend time doing what it takes to solve the problem rather than thinking about the problem.

2 : 2. Do something that will bring you closer to your solution every day.

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Muntasir Billah


Absolutely brilliant approach! I even feel like worrying too much actually affects our mental and physical health and it's necessary that we find better solution through different approaches. It also enhance our critical thinking skill and understanding of a situation.