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Your Mother Is Not Just A Parent, She Is A Superhero!

Posted On:05-Jul-2019/2:34 pm

When a child is surrounded by individuals who are independent and have strong personalities, they will constantly carry an example of how they should act in a variety of life situations.

The way parents treat children is crucial for their formation, and your mother plays the most important role. Not all were fortunate to be raised by a strong mother, but those who can boast about this, know how much she influenced their life.

Having an independent mother who is just and fair, attentive, devoted and combatant is a real gift, and only she knows how to successfully direct children. Children who have a strong mother learn important life lessons that should never be forgotten.

What will a strong mother teach you?

A strong mother will not hide the harsh realities in the world around you. She will show that life is not always fair, and she will teach you how to deal with it. During her lifetime, she will show you how to fight when things get tough.

Dependence on other people won't take you anywhere, and a strong mother will teach you how to take care of yourself and to continue on, without you needing anybody's support. Of course, she will teach you how to ask for help when you really need it.

Focusing on the past makes you forget to live in the present and to plan for the future. Nobody knows this better than a strong mother who has been teaching you from early childhood to ignore everything that pulls you backward, in order to focus on a bright future.

Patience is a virtue, but it is surprising that many people don't have it. Strong, independent mothers don't allow their children to grow up without learning what patience is. They teach their children how and when to wait for important things to unfold.

You shouldn't rely on other people to feel joy and happiness. Your strong mother taught you that. She showed you that it is possible to make yourself happy, to be content and that you shouldn’t expect anything from other people.

Your mother always loved you and will always love you. She was never afraid to show how much she cares for you and that you are the most important person in her life. She does everything for you to make sure you are healthy and happy, and through her love for you, she teaches you how to love others.

Although it is important for you to love people around you, it is also important to love yourself, and a strong mother will teach you how to do that. She will show you the importance of caring for yourself and how important it is to pay attention to your own needs in life. How? Because she pays attention to her own needs, desires and aspirations.

When you have a strong mother, she sets the standard for proper behaviors and when you become a parent you will know what to strive for. Be grateful that you have had the best example from your mother/parents, and you will be the same for your children.

Strong mothers raise strong children who become even stronger adults. They teach children the most important life lessons that will embody them for life.

Love for children is infinite

She sacrificed her time, health and youth for you and your brothers and sisters. However, she never complained and didn't show it when she was suffering or having difficulties. With a smile on her face, she strives and gives everything to her children. You learned from her how to be selfless and what is unconditional love. You know very well that such love and support won't be found anywhere else.

You've learned from her that sometimes your opinion won't be accepted or welcomed with enthusiasm. Often your opinion will not be taken seriously, but at the same time, you should vote for your place under the sun, because no one will give you anything for free, especially if you are a woman. Your mother teaches you that what doesn't kill you makes you even stronger.

With the burden of obligations and jobs that await every mother and wife, it's hard to argue against the fact that women today need to be strong. Women need to be able to withstand sleepless nights, and health problems that can come with pregnancy, breast-feeding and raising children. And in addition to everything women must endure, mothers must also make the home and the family a cohesion unit.  In essence, mothers must have “nerves of steel”. In the words of that utopian insignia: "Mothers can do everything!"

In this lies the authority of the mother and her strength. In gentleness and humility. The emergence of a life that requires much more effort than any authority and strength, because it requires perseverance, denial and sacrifice. But not for any price. Although she needs to make choices, a mother must never forget where to put herself. Because, if she is not happy, then anyone around her is not happy either.

If your mother was one of the strongest to show what it means to take care of yourself and your family, your mother has confirmed that hard work always pays off in the end, the soul that loves you infinitely and unconditionally, so it is up to you to make sure to be equally good, if not better than her.

Your strong mother showed you how to be protective of those you love, with a lot of empathy and understanding, strength and fierceness. She was the first person who held your hand and showed you the way. She was the first person you wanted to model yourself after. So, hug your mother today. For everything she gave up and for everything she gave you. Hug her and thank her for making you who you are.


1 : A strong mother teaches many life lessons

2 : Love for children is infinite

3 : Hug your mother and thank her for making you who you are

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D. C. Lawrence


Hmmmm – there is so much I could say here, but I do not want to write a novel – I am going to keep it “short and sweet”. When I was in high school, I had many friends who loved watching sports and who loved their favorite athletes. When their favorite team lost, they were so invested, some of them would cry and be upset for days. I never understood this – why do people put athletes on a pedestal and call them heroes? Win or lose, these athletes go home to their mansions and their privileged lives. For me, our true heroes live in our homes. Who was there when you drew your first breath? Who sat beside you throughout the night, taking care of you when you were sick? Who would work two or three jobs to make sure food was on the table? Who would make sure that you are well educated even though she came from very humble beginnings? Who would sacrifice life and limb to make sure you are safe, content and happy? The answers – my mother!! My mother is not only a superhero, she is also my hero!! Thank you S. Jakes, I enjoyed reading your duppydom.

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S. Jakes


Thank you Adaego. Thank you for reading my duppydom. It's nice to have a superhero mom isn't it!!

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Adaego M. Azi


S. Jakes, cool. Your mother is awesome like mine. I love my mother so much. I am going to let her read this article. She is going to flip out when she sees "superhero", that is what my brother calls her. Nice article.